Vasantha Sanda
over 4 years ago

having gap of 7 years

I have worked as a software engineer during the years 2006 to 2009, now i would like to find a job but with 7 years gap and that too my platform is mainframes, i rarely find any opportunities. Very few i have applied so far, didn't receive any response from the company. I also thought of shifting to another technology, i applied for entry level offers but no response yet... Can anybody suggest on how to restart my career.

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Shahyan Sajid

Hey Vasantha! Re-entering the market force is definitely not easy. I would suggest a couple things to get people better interested in you and your profile:

  1. Create a portfolio/upload some of your work on GitHub so that companies can get a taste of who you are
  2. Try taking some courses to get you back in-touch with the latest technology
  3. Try exploring freelance/volunteer work to build up your portfolio
  4. Fill out your entire jobcase profile with your work experience and add links to your portfolio/GitHub account. You can then share your jobcase profile with employers so that they have a complete snapshot of you without going to different sources
  5. Keep trying--after a seven year gap in employment, a lot of employers will be hesitant to hire you but you need only one company to like you for everything to turn around!

Good luck!!

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