Wrongfully terminated!

I was terminated April 2016. This company has more than two hundred cameras. I was terminated due to an employee stating that I was pushing carts around and telling other employee's I was going to kick their ass. I had no knowledge of the altercation until another employee ask me about it. No supervisor or manager ever approached regarding this. The employee that made me aware of this kept coming back to me with this. Prior to this I had reported my supervisor from 2015 until February 2016 regarding her belittling me in front of other staff members and harassment. Not only did I report this behavior to my manager verbally and in writing. I also reported this to the companies hotline. Nothing was ever done. When the false altercation came about I ask that they review the video footage, this would have cleared me. They would not. See something say something is what got me fired. I had proof that one of the employee was falsifying the time sheet and I report this because my supervisor was signing off on this. After being approved for my unemployment they tried to deny my benefits. I had a hearing and won they could not or did not produce the witnesses they claim they had. They did not even have the correct date in which they terminated me. I'm still unemployed. Lot of clerical/records experience. Was with the company for 13years and six months. Was always top performer. Reported to work on time and ready to work each night. What kind of people lie and cheat and keep a job. Well I am still in my house I have not missed a meal. The only reason I'm still upset is because I lost my health insurance. I was 58 years old at the time. People my age don't need to lose their jobs. GOD has a plan I just don't know what it is. I will continue to look for employment. Attorney's don't take on many wrongfully terminations they are into slip and falls. The company I work for is worth billions.

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