sandra uhles
over 6 months ago

office, clerical, front desk

I have been looking for a job for a year now but no one wants a old fat lady even if she wants to work, would be there every day , has her own car, all I want is a job around 62040 that's not st. louis

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Genevieve Legrand

Hello Sandra, Thank you for being a part of our Jobcase community! A couple of things - are you following up on all applications you submit to check the status? I always recommend doing this 1-2 days after submission to make sure it was received, and then again 1 week later to see if you are being considered. Also, are you tailoring your resume to the position you are applying for? This helps to showcase the experience you have that is relative to the job you are wanting.

I hope this is helpful information. Please let me know if you need assistance getting a job search started.