It's officially Summer! My daughter literally hopped with joy coming out of her last day of school this week. Pure joy. What a great reminder to pause and enjoy. Whether you are reading this on Jobcase today in the middle of a job search, or perhaps you are employed and figuring out how to prepare yourself for a better job, or perhaps you are getting advice from the community on a challenge, or opportunity you are dealing with at work - whatever you are doing, I hope you take time this weekend to enjoy the magic of Summer - like when we were all kids. I confess sometimes, sometimes when I am flying from NY to SanFran or back and I look out the JetBlue window down at that awesome perspective of our world, I wax poetic to myself about how beautiful this world is that God gave us (or that happened to develop for those that believe otherwise) and I get a little melancholy thinking how much we humans complicate it all. ITs a big beautiful place, with lots of resources, but we get caught up in the pressures of the day that we ourselves so often manufacture. But not summer. Not when you are a kid. So why not when you are an adult also. Find a lake and skip a rock. Find a meadow and roll down a hill and smell the wildflowers. Go for hike. Go swimming. Just. Enjoy. Because when I talk with my 98 year old Grandma - she smiles talking about those type of moments an awful lot more than when we talk about some manufactured challenge she overcame on some random day.
The good stuff is here. Summertime is here! You deserve to give yourself a little time to. Just.
Enjoy! #relax #recharge #summer #joy

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