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Stephanie K
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A lateral move in your company/career makes sense when a promotion is not an option but could end up being the best move you can make.

Sometimes your career does not move forward. Perhaps, you are ready for the promotion but there's no opening at your company, and you have not succeeded in making the move to someplace else.

This is where lateral moves come into play. Something that many people are wary of doing. It can feel like a failure or just a change for change's sake. But such a move doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it can reignite your career and put you back on the path to where you want to go.

YOU CAN LEARN NEW SKILLS - Maybe you're a manager who wants to move to a director role. If you get the opportunity to move within the manager level where you'll be gaining new skills. This is an excellent way to make yourself more attractive to fill in the director role position someday.

YOUR NEW COMPANY HAS MORE OPPORTUNITIES - Say you feel you deserve a promotion but your company has no opening. Your boss may offer you a raise and a somewhat change in title ( adding senior to your title) but that does not change the fact that your path is BLOCKED. So what to do now? This is where it would be reasonable to make a lateral move to a bigger company where you can expect to have more promotion opportunities.

YOUR NEW COMPANY REALLY WANTS YOU- Your current employer takes you for granted. Even worse, the company may be happy with you but won't consider that you may want more out of your career. If a new company courts you with more money and more respect, it's reasonable to make a lateral move. From my personal experience, being respected and valued is important but it's never to make a move out of spite, you're only human to want to go someplace that really wants you.

THINK OF YOUR CAREER - While the title, salary and benefits may be the same, that does not mean a lateral move isn't advancing your career. As I mentioned above, you could learn new skills that would prepare you for promotion from manager to director. So when you want to make a move - providing an answer such as - I made the move so I could add customer relations to my skill set.

Lateral moves can push your career forward. You just need to plan and to understand why you're doing what you're doing.

over 5 years ago
Ashley Wilson
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Content Manager at Jobcase

This is a fantastic post Stephanie K ! Many people feel "stuck" where they are and aren't quite sure how to move forward in their career either with a new role or their current one. Thanks for these insightful tips Stephanie!!!