An unforgettable situation at #ClintonvilleHighSchool

Theres alot of things that happened while I went to this school. The most unforgettable situation would have to be when I first realized how valuble taking risks are. Life is mostly about just that. I don't find myself as someone who gives up easily. I think it was during my Junior year that I realized that yes we do all encounter mistakes. All that matters is if we learn from them. Because when we learn from them, we are becoming the stronger version of ourselves. Thr thing about me that makes me very unique is that I always bring around this wonder. The wonder of what if? If I were to do this, what reprucussions could there be. This comes back to the idea of taking risks. In other words, going out of your way and do something new; something you never thought was possible. My class was and always will be the bedt class that I could be with throughout these 4 years of being here. The only thing I do is I close my eyes for one second and dream. Then I do everything I can to make that dream become a reality. Thats what keeps me awake at night. The thought of what if. What if the dreams I have been having were significant? I am always a puzzle. Nobody knows my exact combination.

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