My resume' is just a sheet of paper...time for change.

I'm looking for new and adventurous positions away from the automotive industry if possible because it seems that 30+ years experience is no longer good enough. I have worked and performed for the best and done my best for them but no one seems to look at that. I have searched my soul for direction and feel it is time to walk away and start over. I have so much potential and I'm wasting away waiting for other's to recognize it in me. I have 20+ years of successful management experience in the automotive industry that translates to fast paced, creative, and demanding roles outside the automotive industry so moving into a Creative or District Manager role is my focus. I also have interest in a Training role if it's the right industry I can sell, I can teach others how to sell, and I can also learn how to sell better. I have a brain and not afraid to use it! These fields interest me: 1st choice: Music Industry*** (products) I have extensive experience and interest in this field***, a solid small company in need of someone who thinks out of the box for growth and direction. I could move into a leadership role and I could make a difference for your company. I make mistakes, I learn from them, I make more but I always win in the end. Ideal job: free to make the choices to direct. Power to implement change for the good. Freedom to inspire people to be their best and do their best. Allows me to be a person not a number. Support me and I support you 10x. I do not do all commission jobs so please do not contact me. I'm looking to stay in the Florida/south region but willing to travel around as long as I can live in Florida.





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