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Are you in the state of Pennsylvania looking for a new opportunity with a prestigious healthcare systems company? Do you want the chance to advance your career by joining a rapidly growing company? If you answered “yes" to any of these questions – this is the position for you!

Job Title: Community Health Worker (Aetna) Shift: M – F, 8am – 5pm Pay Rate: $23.14/hr. OT Pay Rate: $34.71/hr. Double-Time Pay Rate: $46.28/hr. Duration: 12-month contract with a possibility of going perm depending on performance

Tentative Start Date: ASAP

Position Summary/Mission: Community health care workers are members of a community who serve community as a bridge between the member (community) and the healthcare system (providers) through outreach and education. By providing these services, CHW’s help Aetna Better Health members attain and maintain better health outcomes, improve relationships with healthcare providers and help both parties to become more acculturated with each other. CHW’s integration into the Medicaid care delivery model has been shown to improve access to care and leads to better health outcomes.

1) CHW will reach out to Aetna Better Health members with chronic conditions to improve access to care; identify their health care needs, and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. 2) CHWs will educate healthcare professionals on opportunities for improving and understanding the social determinants of health that may be impacting the member’s health and treatment plan. 3) CHW will become part of the multidisciplinary team treating Aetna Better Health members. This level of involvement will allow the CHW to bridge information back to the treatment team regarding any identified cultural and other psychosocial elements. 4) The CHW will complete a certification program for community health workers. The CHW will be integrated into the medical team and supervised by a designated professional such as Registered Nurse (R.N), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Medical Doctor (MD), and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) as deemed appropriate. 5) Community Health Worker will assist with care plan implementation and Aetna Better Health member education during in-home visits, help develop care management strategies, and work with team members to provide linkages for the various health and social needs of Aetna Better Health members. This is a full-time position. Knowledge, Skills, And Qualifications

1) High School Diploma or GED required; 2) Bilingual /target population required. 3) 1-2 years’ experience providing clinical services; experience in community/outpatient setting preferred. Certified Medical Assistant or equivalent training and experience preferred; 4) at least 1 years experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities listed above 5) Experience in serving the Medicaid Populations in urban and rural environments; a. The CHW must be located in one of the following areas in order to be considered for this position: i. Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs ii. Harrisburg and surrounding suburbs iii. Pittsburgh and surrounding suburbs iv. Erie and surrounding suburbs v. Scranton and surrounding suburbs vi. Wilkes-Barre and surrounding suburbs 6) Preferred skills; Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, HIPPA, C.L.A.S. Standards, Motivational 7) Interviewing, and specialized training in medical terminology and practices for designated health conditions. 7) Occasional weekend hours may be required. 8) Meet all requirements set forth by local state i.e. first aid, CPR, TB screen, etc. 9) Ability to successfully complete training requirements for position.

Working Conditions

1) Community Health Worker will be working both in the clinical setting within the health center and patient homes. 2) Requires the ability to travel to multiple office locations and home locations. 3) Requires flexibility to work in situations in which the working conditions are unknown, as environments and situation of patient homes may vary.

Interested in Being Considered? Interested in hearing more about this great opportunity? Reach out to Laiza Lagarto at or call (678) 608-2736 for immediate consideration. APPLY NOW!

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Thanks for sharing.

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Question is that salary thru out the Pennsylvania region. Or does it depend what agency you are hired from or county your from.