I ended up walking out on my Job Monday night. But thats ok. I was not getting any hours. All they was giving me 4-6 hours a week. Plus I was a server that only made $4.95. A hour. And the hours was at the slowest time of day. It take me a hour to a hour and a hafe to get ready a get to work. That was just wasting my makeup. And makeup is not cheap. So I started looking for another job. I had to have some type of money coming in so I can make sure I had my personal hygiene products for me and my kids. We ate a whole lot of ramen noodles. But I'm still okay. Last week I went to an interview. And the guy forgot I was showing up. I was a little upset but I got over it. I left place of business he started on my way home I was getting ready to pull up in the driveway and he called. He apologized so much I told him it was okay things happen he's only human and we are all allowed to make mistakes. So we reschedule for another interview. First thing Monday morning I went I was there for three and a half hours. He told me I was perfect for the job because I was Pleasant to be around and I had some SAS in me. He said I was going to work out just fine. Cuz he said with all my experience working in the restaurant industry I would be perfect for this job. I am running my own dining room fine dining I am not waiting no more tables. I get to dress up walk around be pleasant and Sassy all in one. That's a hell of a job to get. And what he offered me my wise oh yes hell yes I took it. I have been depressed upset crying discourage I'm done with everything. But I keep getting on here and I keep getting positive feedback from everyone. You people are so awesome don't know you personally I keep seeing everyone of you have a place in my heart and thank you and I mean thank you for everything you guys are amazing. I want everyone to have a wonderful day and be pleasant and Sassy.

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