After someone starts at #BJ'sWholesaleClub they should stay because

The position that I work at within BJ's Wholesale Club is: Member Services. This is an admin position, company/club liaison position, tracking stock, and sales position; for our Master Card program. The stores are called: clubs, the work force are team members, and the clientele are club members. It's a good company to work with in that they look for potential and are ready and willing to promote within, and up. The workforce is international, and varies with many age groups; also employing those team members that may be challenged physically or mentally. I find this aspect of BJ's very rewarding.

The position at Member Services is very fast paced, and you will find yourself juggling many demands at once. All which do get completed. Speed in service is key with BJ's. Keeping the line down at Member Services is a serious focus. Making sure that all receive a very positive experience, and quality care are utmost in mind, when working with the club members. This is why there are club members that have renewed their membership for 25 years.

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