you want a better paying job. you want a better paying career. you could use extra money now . even if you can get a consolidated loan with low interest low payments. which the credit unions do for people and they help you improve your credit. and finally you have bad credit and don't qualify for anything like where can you get a car finance new or used. where can you get a house finance. how can you get financing for a career or to open a business. imagine your broke or struggling . the local credit union offers you all these financial products . for example : IF YOU HAVE NO INCOME LOW INCOME OR ON A FIX INCOME . OR YOU WANT TO PURSUE A CAREER. YOU NEED MONEY WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO IF ONLY. well you can now inject 500$ 1000$ up to 5000$ per month to your low income or no income or fix income is it debt yes low debt good debt if there is such a thing. BUT MOST OF ALL WHILE YOU STRUGGLE IT WORKS FOR YOU TO" BUY " YOU SOME TIME TO STOP STRUGGLING AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE UNTIL THINGS CHANGE .like you get a better job or get a new job and wait to get paid in 3 weeks . or a career changes now your making money . or you open your own business and with your creativity its making you money. ALL THESE THINGS ARE THE AMERICAN DREAM . i made that happen my 5 daughters made that happen . i now pass it on to my granddaughters "ALL FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT". MY QUESTION IS WHY COULDNT THAT BE YOU . there is nothing special about me other than I AM VERY CREATIVE AND love to help people that struggle to make end meet. SO DOES THAT MAKE SENSE . I ASK BECAUSE I GET criticized for my grammar or my ALL CAPS . and yet what does all that have to do with the way i help people IN REAL LIFE THAT STRUGGLE TO MAKE ENDS MEET. does this make sense to you all as they say in Texas. it does to meet and my 5 daughters and my two grand daughters and all the people i helped. good luck to you all god bless you all in your search for work ;

about 5 years ago
Gregory Cherny

I would not suggest taking out a loan without a stable and consistent form of income.