lou sbarbati
over 6 months ago


i get a job starting monday the 16th and i go to orientation and training that day from 830am to 430pm so they offered a hotel room for monday,tuesday and wednesday of that week sio on monday i check in and i discover that i forgot to pack a pair of khaki pants for the tuesday training which was to start at 10am so early tuesday morning around 545am i left the hotel to drive back home 40 minutes away to get the pants and my alternator goes out so i get the vehicle towed and around 7;18am i email them to let them know what was going on so at around 3pm tuesday afternoon i get a call from my superior asking me if im going to be in training wednesday morning at 630am and i assured him i would be there as he also was annoyed with the fact that the hotel wanted to charge morris-ashley furniture 250 for me smoking and rather than argue i aplologized and he said that was that so i went back to the room around 10pm tueday evening room after i got my vehicle back and got up wednesday morning at 5am took a shower drank some coffe and started my new agenda for a new day well little diud i know at 2.30pm when it was time to clock out they called me to the side and terminated me

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