Miss RJ Pina
almost 4 years ago

Is there anything else?

I've worked for over ten years and didn't get state licensed in Mass for my LSW (licensed social worker); or other certifications when I switched and worked as a counselor/clinician/therapist with females in a temporary jail diversion program that is residential. The issue is that I started very late in my career and i am considered "old" by many younger owners of agencies/hiring orgs and such.

I'm told I have so much to offer; but, each time I go to these open houses, or even get hired temporarily---it goes sour quickly. I'm not use to seeing or having workers use the "N" word or the "F" word in front of clients and towards me---a minority worker.

What happened to me isn't something new---I merely got so fed up that I left. Most people tell me I am just another loser for letting people bully me on the job and I should have reported it. But, no--where this place is and how it is run (there isn't one minority working in their administrative offices) and I am seen as a grunt worker; with little value. The organizations' attitude is, "if you don't like it here--then leave!" that's what I did.

I earned a bachelor's degree in English and a masters as a counselor and today, I live below the poverty line; owe so much student loan debt that I have gotten worn out with so much rejection in 9 years of searching to fit in.

I think I should have tried a different career track. I have learned that today---no one really wants to hear about a pity party, and no one wants to read about how I didn't make it---we are only interested in victory and celebrations---but thanks for any comments.


Hey there, I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. I used to live in MA after going through an M.S./Psy.D. program for psychology. I know how you feel around the red tape in the industry.. I've been at it 10 years and am still not licensed, not for not trying. There are many rules around hours and exams and fees and everything! I really identify with what you say when you say "no one wants to read about how I didn't make it". I took a crisis line job at a call center which is a big step back, but at least it's still a job for now. Regarding thoughts for work though, I had a suggestion for you, depending on where you live. While I was in MA found a really cool side job there that doesn't require you to be licensed and has many people of color working there. It's called Elliot Community Human Services in Lynn, MA. The director is super nice and you can determine how many hours you want to work. Good luck and don't give up on yourself.. you invested in your talents and you're worth it. I try not to get discouraged despite the setbacks and hope one day to make it all happen.