Terminated and torn

I already posted about this prior to the actual termination but really need to vent and get some feedback so I apologize if this is a repeat... I was with my job as a mental health counselor for a university for 11 months, the same university where I received my degree and was certain I would retire from. Last week, I was nominated for the student mentor of the year award, an award dedicated to people who’s efforts are most likely to help students succeed and become change agents in their communities. I have been commended by Vice Presidents for being the “best counselor the university ever had”, and upon my hire as the counselor, my interview went so well I was also offered an adjunct position to teach for them. All this ended on April 2nd when our new director started. Prior to her start, we had no director for 8 months so I basically ran the center and I was told by our vp that I “took the center to places it’s never been even with a full time director”.
So I was on the search committee for this director and we actually decided at her phone interview that she would be eliminated because she did so terribly, but 6 months into the search with no suitable candidates who accepted the job, we repulled her from the pile because she had university experience and she came running. She accepted the job immediately and drives 2 hours each way everyday to get there. She hated me immediately and started making my life hell. Honestly the list is endless of the things she put me through so I won’t make this post any longer than it needs to be... to make a long story short, she wrote me up for “acting unethically” because I informed a student that I had a 4pm slot open who was concerned for a friend who was self harming... she said that was a breach of confidentiality somehow. I sent a rebuttal to this and reported all of the incidents that led up to this that were discriminatory in nature. We meet in HR and all of a sudden her write up changes to include that I must audio tape my sessions and submit them to her along with my notes. Retaliate much? She started tearing apart each of my notes asking me common sensical stuff like why I wrote that someone denied suicidal ideation after they made a statement that their family would be better off without them. She also sent a suicidal student home after meeting with them last week... an hour later, I had to call the police to take him to the hospital because he made a suicidal statement and proceeded to lock himself in his car! This Monday I walked into the office and receive an email from HR that I’m to attend a meeting with The VP of HR and the director. Within minutes I was told I was terminated for “not fitting in with the direction she wants to take the center”, my email access was cut off and I was asked to leave without even being able to terminate my sessions with my clients.
I am trying hard to count my blessings that I won’t suffer immediate financial disaster and that I still have a part time job that I can turn full time if I need, but my students were my heart and soul and they were wronged just as much as me in all this. I am angry at the university for not supporting me through this and choosing a new employee over me, and angry that she treated me terribly and gets to come out on top. It’s so unfair and I’m so angry and I don’t know how to move forward from this anger! I just sit and reminisce about the injustice all day long! I mean I went from excellent to garbage in 3 months and I now have a termination on my record with no one to vouch for me!
I’m sorry for this massively long message that was really meant to ask... how does one get over the anger after a termination like this? And how do I deal with having a termination on my record when applying for new jobs?

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