Reginald Heard
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I've been at my job for 16 years and dont get the recognition or praise that I should. I have been overlooked and feel very disrespected. It's time for me to move on I think. I have been managing for the past 13 years and have put apps in and no return on anything. What's wrong with me? Or is it that none wants to deal with training me on something different

Ashley Wilson

Nothing is wrong with you Reginald Heard but have you asked for a raise? In my experience if you want something you need to go for it because in most cases they aren't going to come forward on their own and ask if you want to make more money. Be proactive and follow these steps before you consider quitting!

1- Make a plan Decide when you will ask and whom you will speak with. If it’s not your boss then who should this discussion take place with? Timing is also important, if your boss is going through a particularly stressful week it might be better to ask at another time!

2- Know it’s ok to ask It doesn’t make you greedy or entitled, so don’t be nervous! Your manager has likely been through this many times before and he/she expects it to happen. Be strong in your ask and know this is what is best for you. If the answer is no, you didn’t do anything wrong. My suggestion would be to follow up and ask them what would be needed to earn a raise! This way you have something to work towards to make that possible. You will also know where you stand and why.

3- Share where you want to go Companies like to know that you are in it for the long haul. So, stop and think about where you see yourself in another year. What can you bring to the company during that time? What do you personally want to accomplish? This is the time to speak up about positive things you want to progress towards at the company.

4- Know your worth and the market It’s important to know how much you are being paid compared to the current market. Sites like GlassDoor and others will help with this! Simply search for your job title, area in which you live, and then look for jobs with similar responsibilities to the ones you have now. This will give you a baseline. If you feel you are being underpaid comparably save the data you have found. This will help you put together a number in your mind that is reasonable and on target with the current market for your position!

5- Map out what you’ve accomplished This goes hand in hand with your plan! Before you ask for a raise spend some time putting together a list of all the things you’ve done over the time you’ve been there (or since your last raise). Note how far you’ve grown from the beginning to end. Be sure to pay attention to any specific accomplishments and highlight these! This will help you prove to your manager that you not only have done great things but are continuing to achieve more.

Good luck : )

Alan Snyder

When you are in your evaluations always follow up with these questions:

What is the next step that I can move up to?

Do you think I am ready for that step?

What would be my best course of action to be better prepared for that next step?

Be prepared for honest feedback. But you can use that feedback between evaluation periods in order to make the improvements and be the one they are looking for to move up into the higher paying job.

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