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Quit or Get Fired?

I hope this isn’t an inappropriate question to ask on this site but how can I get fired and still collect unemployment? I urgently need to leave the job where I’m at now. The toxic work environment, discrimination, and verbal abuse I get from management everyday is starting to affect my physical and mental well-being. I know proving this in a workplace discrimination lawsuit is practically impossible because these big companies are protected and have unlimited resources to contest an allegation like this if it gets to court. and if I’ll zero options for benefits or severance money if I quit. So after a 2 years working here I’ll have nothing to show for it but pain and resentment. I just need to secure some type of income while I look for another job. Would you have any suggestions how I can get out of this job and still collect unemployment?


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I'd suggest just starting looking for a new job and when you find one you can quit this job

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I agree. Also, document your a$$ off. Show everything they are doing to you. Copy everything so you have a reference! Put it on a flash drive and keep it with you always. Also, I would look into the laws in your state regarding recording conversations that you are involved in. In some states it might be illegal to record someone without their permission. In others, as long as you are in the conversation, it is allowed without them knowing. Assuming it is legal in your state, collect as much evidence as possible to back you up. This proof can be used for purposes of showing your workplace is a toxic environment for you and get you unemployment while you search for a new job. Jist be careful in what you do and don't tell ANYONE!!!

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A fellow Jobcaser

...would've been nice if she used a DIFFERENT NAME before posting de 'Cat' might be outta the Bag, already.....However, in my experience in a similar situation, I was told by my boss that she wasn't going to Fire me--but instead make it SO difficult fer me--that I'd have to Quit...I stuck to my 'guns' and continued to do work the way I saw fit ( which was de Proper Way )...She then became exasperated enuf, and called in HER Bigger boss then got angry, and fired me--what I perceived as 'Mama' cat showing 'baby' cat how to catch I didn't do anything devious, I had No magic trick up me sleeve--but I DID know the environment--and used it Against Them...hope that makes sense...They basically cut off their nose to spite their face...Definitely get your hands on any proof, but don't keep de stuff at work ( like I did--luckily, They cleaned out me personal locker into a box, and did NOT realize my proof against Them was right thar!!..then they delivered de box to my doorstep!!)....May de God Family have your Back, just be Honest & Hardworking until the last day--our LORD see's what is going on, constantly...In Jesus Most Holy Name, we pray that all your issues are resolved in accordance to Their Will, in Their Perfect Time...amen & Shalom...

Robin Drake

Stephen, how do you know she didn't use a different name. Did I? You may never know.
Rhonda, I feel your pain. I have been there. Thankfully, you took a breath and counted to 10 before you quit. I didn't and was unemployed for a while. They say, whoever they are, that it is easier to find a job while employed. Less desperation in your attitude, and it looks good to future employers for some reason. After reading most responses here, I definetly agree with most, and would fake it till you make it for now. Stay where your at, smile, and the whole time you know your next adventure is right around the corner.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...if I Knew I Could have used a fake name--I would have...who knew yur name was gonna get plastered all over these boards?? Yeah, after the First reply, I shoulda went fake--too late now...

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It's always good to be working while job searching. Good point. In the meantime, keep positive and document everything. But be discreet if others are watching

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Getting fired intentionally is never a good idea. Your reputation is very important.
By the same token never 'burn your bridges'.
As bad as your job may be don't quit but put Increaed efforts into your search for a new job.

janet austgen

and in the mean time: Just remember everybody is in on it. They are all in on it. It makes it fun to all make one person seem crazy. Just know they're all bunch of heartless hags!

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Exactly, I have found it easier to find a job when you already have one. The only issue would be taking time off from current job for interviews. And then when you do find the new position you can file a suit against the company you are now working for. Just make sure you have everything documented. If there have been email's with inappropriate verbal usage print it out. Good luck!

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Document everything they say and do...make copies...take pictures, write down the date and time, what was said or done and any witnesses that were innearshit or saw it or read it.
You might have a harassment case, and no darlin', not hard to orove when you have documentation. Even better if you have ONE other employee that will bare witness to the facts that they are being awful to you.
I delt with a similar situation and AFTER I found a new job...I quit and started my new job the very next day! Then and onky then did I contact the awful.employer's District Manager via email and told her EVERYTHING...with attachments of pictures I had taken and detailed docume tation with dates, times, quotes, who witnessed it.
Not sure what happened to those people...and I do not care. I felt I exercised my rights when I did that and by doing so, was able to move on in every way to my new job.
I wish you the best and know that even little you can fight big business. NOBODY deserves workplace harassment and you deserve to be comfortable and safe where you work!! Fight fight fight and do not give up!!!!

Tara Simmons

I agree. Stick it out and leave :)

Philip Liquori

Depending on the State you reside in there are a number of ways to qualify for unemployment compensation, check with your State Labor Department or website for details. As an example, a friend of mine had to quit his job because he developed severe allergies to the building he was assigned to. Since the firm could not relocate him, they did not object to his quitting and receiving unemployment.

Thomas Chavers

You may be surprised at the resources you have available to you @ the unemployment may theoretically see a counselor and seek their it by them ...since they are the ones cutting the check...tell them of the vipers nest you work in..ask them for ideas of resolution options and including dismissal conduct and course of actions..also...employers can only started..ending...and rehire able..anything else is against the law...when applying for a new employer find a creative way to describe your simple and avoids conflict...employers look at any negative response toward your former as a potential reflection you would be saying about them...keep it short and sweet you'll do fine..

Barbara Weatherly

In the state of Kentucky you don't get it if you quit

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There is one option, see your doctor and if he determines the job is determental to your health and mental state.

I personally know a person who had the doctor write a letter stating that they wouldn't be able to physically due manual labor. They were a volunteer coordinator who only assigned rooms, assigned volunteers work assignment and perform minor office work.

She was able to leave the job with pay.

Christy Hodge

Huh....I did not know that. Awesome advice! Because there are some work environments that can have such a negative effect on your state of mind that it can be difficult to see clear enough to find new employment while still working there. And it is good to know we have that option. Only happened to me once but it did make it hard to get myself out of that mess. So stressful.

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Very good advice. If she can get a Dr to document the hostile work environment is causing her harm, she should be able to get a separation settlement. She won't be able to prove harm in just a few visits, her Dr will have to show a progressive illness.
In the meantime, she needs to look for a new job. She can't use them for a reference. They will probably claim she is a bad employee..

Erin Plier

Wow, I had no idea you could do that, that's Great, thanks for posting that info Randy :)!

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Physically being unable to perform a job is Not the same as mentally not being able to Handle a job. Employers have to make considerations under the law for physical issues. I went through the the exact same situation as Rhonda. I am in CA. I was finally fired, they made a BS excuse and phonied documentation. I was not warned just fired. As at at will state they can do what they like. They contested my unemployment but I won with a lawyer they never even showed up. However my lawyer stated that they can treat you anyway they like and there is nothing an employee can do about it because that's they're legal right. Bullying, abusive etc is legal. The only things you can sue for are unpaid overtime and areas of discrimination. They can fire you and contest but you can fight them. If. you quit you Will not get unemployment in most cases. Talk to a lawyer most are free for a consultation. I feel your pain I was there and it's horrific. Unfortunately as an employee you don't really have as many rights as you think you do. Good luck.

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I did this myself and they reduced my position to receptionist (and when the a/c went off, they all went to lunch and I had to stay.). There was a departmental meeting: think panel of accusers. If your doctor will sign off on FMLA for stress, then go that way. You can take time off and they cannot fire you - you'll have 240 hours a year.

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You would have to first check your employer benefits to see if they have a Paid Leave of Absence(FMLA)--- which usually means you will be coming back after a period of time-- not leave not employed anymore....... the other one is short term medical disability (not paid my employer),, but paid from your social security account/ state government.

Rodimak Lori

I would like to know how a doctor who is not at her place of employment can document anything except what she tells him. I have MS they could not fire me because I used FMLA. I documented and documented because after 20 years I knew they would find a way to get rid of me other then they did not like me using FMLA. Documenting is fine a good but when they fired me , I worked at a hospital. They had their own documentation and none of it was true ...I worked in an ICU and was not a nurse gave no meds but low and behold I was the one they said was the reason for the RN not knowing who her patient was and bottoming the guy out on insulin. How could that be , they documented it. Nobody was going to stand up. The friggin nurse kept her job. So I went to EEOC gave an 8 hour deposition and they told me, they agreed but nothing they could do. they suggested a class action suit as it was happening to others unfortunately you need 3 for a class and my third died.

Also on what basis is Rhonda being discriminated against. I mean color , sex or just being the one they do not like . If your not in a protected class and other women women of color etc work there, why is she being singled out.

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A fellow Jobcaser

I'm not in the business of advising people on how to get fired. Its kind of the opposite reason of JobCase. If you're this unhappy, start looking for another job. That is the best thing to do, in my opinion. I'm sorry you're in a toxic work enviornment. I just don't think 'trying' to get fired is where your focus should be.

Gary Wipperman

Has anyone on this site ever considered the EEOC and U.S.C.A.Title VII, many of the issues she is stating fall within those Federal Statutory guidelines in an at will State or not.

Karen Dikty

I too had this same situation and when I quit the HR rep told me to state hostile work environment which I did and was approved for unemployment benefits. Also, I have been told if you get fired you do not get any unemployment benefits.

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If you can prove the reason you were fired was unjust, you can get unemployment. The burden is on you to prove it so always make sure that you have the proof!

Barbara Weatherly

actually it's the reverse, except for misconduct.

Aariel Steele

The only way you get unemployment of fired is if it was for no reason

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A fellow Jobcaser

...I received unemployment After getting fired---but it was a Loooooooooooong five month process....VERY important to realize this is an uphill battle....but IF you have de Proof---WELL Worth it. You must be prepared to go before a Judge, and not be Nervous---if you are a scardy cat type--better just quit--Not worth the stress...almost like getting Cancer ; is de Treatment worse than the Disease??...

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Not true Karen Ditky, it depends on what you are fired for.If that was the case it wouldn't be a need for unemployment

Victoria Ashcraft

Yes, you can be fired and still receive unemployment benefits.

Barbara Weatherly

You don't get unemployment if you quit.

Karen Dikty

since this situation happened over 4 years ago it is possible that Indiana has changed the reasons to pay unemployment benefits. Again, each state has their own laws.....

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Don't quit. If toxic, report it to epa and or a job is worth your health!!! Document EVERYTHING. Report them also to department of labor...ya gotta have PROOF! Good luck..try lawyer 1st..seriously!

Tim Tennant

The EPA?

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Yeah.. i doubt you will be able to find an attorney to help. Been in this situation and I can tell you you're going to be lucky to find any attorney to take any case dealing with employment or discrimination. And I mean very lucky. Most of the attorneys out there want to work for the government and be prosecutors because prosecutors for the government tend to win their cases regardless if they're prosecuting a frivolous lawsuit or not- and most of the time they are.

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A fellow Jobcaser

I don't think the Environmental Protection Agency is going to be able to help in this situation.

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I believe the toxic nature of this issue is in regards to the actual workenvironment, not the health of the environment.
No call to the EPA is required.

Phyllis Somers

OSHA would also be a good org. to contact.......

Gary Wipperman

How do you get toxic to mean actual toxicity? A toxic workplace means in some instances to be a place that is so hostile as to be detrimental to that person.

Denise CintronUsflag

I was fired from my job after doing EVERYTHING by the book, it was an extremely toxic environment. When I went to collect unemployment, my employer stated I was terminated for misconduct.
I fought (and had proof of course), that I conducted myself professionally EVERY single day. Needless to say, without a lawyer, I won my case. It took 2 months, but I never backed down.
Rhonda, if you can, hold on there or contact a Dr., to help you get benefits if you decide to quit. I had migraines EVERY day and was admitted to the ER with chest pains Shiite working git my former employer. I even got yelled at over the phone because I called and stated my car wouldn't start. Toxic indeed!

John Farley

Get a new job, then quit the current one.

Pete Fischer

Money wise it's best to keep working while looking for another job. I was receiving unemployment pay but that is now ended and I'm still looking for work. I know environment sucks but we just have to live with it. I text a friend in Australia and it's the same problem there, no work.

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A fellow Jobcaser

You need to call your states unemployment office. I know in mine if you quit the unemployment benefits are delayed for a period of time then full benefits are given. This may be the bridge to a new position. As to the allegations you make, proper documentation will always tip the scale in favor of the employee......

Steven Ortiz

These companies will do anything not to pay u unemployment... same issue with me my old job was causing me anxiety.. i went to theropist and psychotrist had doctors notes and still they didnt want to pay eventually i just gave up and found a better job. Its not worth it all the stress u go thru for not even half ur check... good luck though

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You can also record any abuse, altercation, or discrimination by your superiors- And that serves as point to be entitled to unemployment - you just need to be discreet about it

Michael Reed

Some places you can still get unemployment if you quit your job. The key is to always be honest and accurate and specific when applying for unnemployment. It will be difficult and stressful, but remember, honesty will save you. An investigation will be initiated, you may be ddenied at first, likely actually. Persevere & stick to it, appeal and this will work out the best it can. Good luck

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I agree. I was getting glowing reviews and minimal raises due to the economy but was always willing to step in wherever needed. I was hired for a specific position & as the economy kept tanking, my job was eliminated. I was legitimately laid off. I was given a last day date and since my job was being integrated into several other people's jobs, I spent that time training the Manager taking on most of my responsibilities.
On almost the last day I was offered a much lower pay rate and part-time rather than full-time. An obvious tactic by corporate to
not have to pay unemployment benefits. My immediate supervisor went to bat for me and I was told that they would not fight my filing. Though I heard that they fight every case.
I was stunned that someone could be so blatantly dishonest. I was very disappointed. So glad I had someone who fought for me so I didn't have to. But I've since learned that it isn't so uncommon. I would have fought just on principle. Glad I didn't have to.

Pamela dixson

Make sure you have a job to go to if you leave there. So many people are looking for work today. Emply

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I'm in the process of this right now. I had to quit my job because my job caused me anxiety. Was denied unemployment. I appealed. Wrote a big letter to them. I am still waiting for my court hearing. Everyone says i will eventually get it, but just takes a time i guess. My job knew my situation about the anxiety, but still said to unemployment that the reason i quit had to do with my hours being cut. Supposedly that is the reason I quit they said. Which is BS.

Michael Reed

Everything is usually dependant on the type of worker you are. If you're a good hard worker, you'll get taken care of one way or another. Just don't give up on the fight, that's all part of the game. I had a job when I was younger that hired me under the pretense of being more busy then I could handle. When they were barelyvworking me 15 hrs a week, I applied for benifits and got what was called Partial Unemployment. I was very suprised, I never heard of such a thing. It wasn't something my employer was going to advertise, but ig was there for me, I just had to ask. I figured if I did that, they'd either get the point and give md some more work, or supliment my income enough to not starve while I found an employer elsewhere that could use me more.

Tim Tennant

Sounds like you should talk to the labor board about the discrimination you mentioned. As for the verbal abuse - this is known as a hostile work environment and the labor board frowns on that as well.

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This is true. In my hearing, I had all my documentation lined up, I supeanaed the crap out of the previous company and they even sent me stuff I didn't ask for including the hidden gun! I won on all counts with the unemployment hearing officer stating in his decision that any reasonable person would have quit under those conditions!

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Verbal abuse = bullying. Document, document, document. Keep all emotion out of the documentation. Report to Labor Board (free), and follow their direction. You might not be the only one who's done so, but yours might be the information that finally gives them what they need to move forward.

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Just like jobs need documentation to fire an employee. It is good to start documenting your hostile work environment.
I agree with the other advice. Just start looking for another job is the best advice.
I know someone YEARS ago that was pregnant and had the same situation. She had a history of miscarriages and a very unsympathetic boss. She started showing signs of miscarriage and was looking for another job and ran across
a workmens compensation ad. She actually won her case. Received payments while pregnant and compensation when the case was won. She truly had a legitimate Job Stress case. The problem with just a job stress case with or without physical symptoms (such as for example, an ulcer which can be proved or headaches which are harder to prove) is that filing a case such as that may carry a stigma that might follow you throughout your job hunting future.
Why just moving on may be a better route. But knowing you have options isn't a bad thing if you truly have a legitimate cause.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...Very good Point about your past Following You to other jobs...difficulty finding employment because your next job could sustain the, Once Bitten--Twice Shy syndrome whereas no one might want to hire you because they know you are a ' Fighter'....lotsa easier ( & plain Smarter ) to hire someone without a stigma....

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You should file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employer they will handle the case for you.....employers are being fined hefty fines no reason they treat anyone unfairly

Jill Wells

From experience I would encourage you to look for another job quickly and secure that before you leave. Leaving employment with a gap in work history is very difficult to find another job.

Tim Durpos

Don't quit it won't be good

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A fellow Jobcaser

...YUP, forgot about the damn Gap.....Gap will get'cha Everytime....However, in my experience, what's Right is Right---I prepared meself for a battle I didn't think I'd Win---I needed to have closure on Principle....These particular employers actually BRAGGED at all de people they had Fired--had no empathy whatsoever--Hopefully, eating Crow left a good loooooong bitter Taste in their smug mouths...and that was well worth it to me....

Tim Durpos

I'd record it on your phone

Danielle Victory

That would be illegal without that person's consent.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Tim you do know that without telling me that I am being recorded that it's not okay or evidence of nothing. Stop giving job casers an empty gun. Know the fact first.

David McFarlane

Quit your job and let them challenge you at Dept.of Unemployment.You will win !!!! You Employer will be a no show !!!

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That's what I've been told. I'm in process of fighting this. I quit and now fighting for my unemployment. Crossing my fingers. Will be soon.

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My husband and I both experienced things similar to this. In my case, I was able to document some actual workplace bullying due to a Forbes article I found by chance that outlined what it is and how it's often manifested. Both of us - different jobs, different years - were let go but were able to receive unemployment compensation because we carefully documented what led up to being let go, and we were careful to keep all our emotions out of the appeals process (yes, we were initially denied). We experienced quite a bit of anxiety over the process but for both of us, it was considerably less than we'd experienced at work. In my husband's case, the company later had to pay him for unpaid wages as well, due to a Labor Board complaint that was filed, and for which he had considerable documentation.

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A fellow Jobcaser

...these kinds of cases are Won by being HONEST & Leaving Emotions out---just like Denise said....if these two factors are not met, it will probably be a Huge waste of precious resources--like Time & Must sit down, carefully, and think of de PRO's versus de CON's---actually Write them down--whichever column is longer, thar's yur answer...

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Wow - I could have used that article!

John MacKay

Unfortunately work environments like this have become too common. Where I live there are jobs but 50 to 100 applicants for one opening. Personally
I now subcontract my services out to more than one company. Just another way to look at this if it applies to you. Do not look to get fired. This does not look good in future. Good luck.

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In the industry I was in that being retail it is hard to subcontract yourself out. But working in retail for quite a few years there is one area in practically needs and that is fore a person to come in a straighten the store from back to front. Especially certain retail companies that don't care what condition is in as few as what the customers and the perception of the company. Far to often as disorganized store give the customer a concept that if the company does not care what store looks like they will trash or not shop their due to the appearance of the store. But the managers don't want a person to make the store they want it straightened just enough to look good for tomorrow and not do a decent job.


I'm on your side if you go through the proper channels in the company to inform them of your concerns, i.e. HR. I get it that employees are under stress at their job, but the environment should be free of obstacles that prevent you from doing your job. So if your valid concerns are not resolved then you have a right to leave your job and pursue unemployment benefits. Nonetheless,please give your employer the opportunity to resolve whatever issues you may have. Good Luck!

Profile placeholderUsflag

Keep the job you have until you find another job. It is better to put in notice of new job then getting fired or randomly quitting. Also depending on your State, unemployment can be given if the job caused a hostile environment and you can prove that at the unemployment hearing to decide if you qualify for benefits. I had two jobs that this happened with me, I got unemployment with one and the other I didn't. It all depends on your circumstances. Good luck!

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A fellow Jobcaser

When I started first reading your paragraph toxic and all that. It reminded me of my first two marriages and guess what I bailed on it have to try to do everything to fix it anyway enough of the humor. Any what state you live in it's going to be different I think what is allowed to let you collect unemployment maybe it is all the same because you gotta Wonder though so I would advise checking on it first via the Internet. What always got most people I know got fired with a no-call no-show I don't think you can beat that and I understand that you need unemployment and I am no judge to speak on anybody's behalf but I've always quit any job that I did not like her I lost it and went on a rampage you know what I mean I know it doesn't pay the bills not having unemployment but I understand you probably need a vacation from it whatever but to be fired from a job and any future employer looks at that I think it's worse than quitting as I've quit on us in the last six years probably 8 jobs but guess what I'm inundated with offers because of where I live and what I do so you think and do what is best just a little friendly advice you're somebody that's never really had to collect unemployment but he's been unemployed many times due to his own decisions

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I was in the same situation that your in now. It is hard to get unemployment if you quit almost impossible. I would look for another job while still there and also go see your doctor and a therapist so they can document how stressed you are. If you haven't maybe even reach out to HR so everything that's going on can be documented as well. If you have emails or any proof of stress or being treated unfairly print them off and take them home and keep a record. I quit my job 3 months ago without having anything lined up due to the same things you are going through and I'm currently looking for work now. If your job allows take a leave of absence and go to therapy and doctor get approve some time off while still getting paid and during that time off you can be looking for another job and then you wont need unemployment.

Iraj Javadi


Each one of the option of quieting or getting fired has it's own problem. If you let it go to the point that you will be fired, it will create a mark in your background for the rest of your life. Why don't you go to your direct supervisor's office one day, ask him/her to shot the door and consult with him your problem and pretend that he/she is your last resource and you intend to do whatever it takes to perform a better service and you need his advice and support, and really try to do your utmost from the day after. If it did not work out then it is your choice to chose between the options, considering your personal requirements. One of the way your supervisor, if you gain his/her sympathy, may be able to assist you is to arrange for a situation that you will be laid off. In the meantime, start looking for another job right at this moment that you still have one.

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I think what I would do is start documenting everything all the all the incidents. The next thing I would do is put it down in writing and file a grievance with the upper management and if management is where this abuse is coming from by all means send him a letter and even maybe take one step further and let them know that you are recording these incidents and see where that goes it may they may want to terminate you for that but you're just protecting yourself

Patricia McDermott

complain! i did that at a job where my supervisor had it out for me and it was a horrible environment and i just kept complaining about it and they finally fired me and i got unemployment. i hadn't done anything wrong so i qualified. i guess that is one good thing about the right to work crap. they can fire you for anything. but if you are doing your job they can't deny you unemployment . this place would never even talk to unemployment because they knew they fired me because i was complaining about my working conditions and how stressed i was trying to deal with this person. creep thing is i went back to an interview recently at the same place and that creep was still there and i didn't get the job even though i was more than qualified. i know that's why i didn't get it too. good luck to you, i know it's so hard to work where you are miserable!

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My last job stressed me out so much that I started to see my health, well being and state of mind dwindle. Please do not let this go on too long. I did not exit the way I would have liked you but I was so mentally broke down I had no choice. Give a notice if you can and take a mental break. Breaking a bridge is not good for future job searching.

Tim Durpos

Alot of us are going through simular issues with employment I'd look for a new job and while your doing that I'd write down every penny you spend and see where you can save money reevaluate your own behavior and attitude ask a freind to tell you what they see about your personality so you can try to change in places by all means be ready for the truth it can hurt alot remember you can't change other people but you can ask God to help you grow as a person

Brian Johnston

Pray for the lord to shut there mouth in the way they are talking to you,be bold in yourprayer life with the lord he will give his ear to your problem. I know i have dealt with some bad situation with people and i would tell them what the lord put on my heart to say to them in a very respectful way but firm with them,(job or no job) they got a ear full from me when the lord moved on me to say what he wanted me to say to them. Before you do this be sincetive to the voice of the lord.
But for me i was around nothing but men that cursed all the time and dirty jokes ,but when they did that i would begin to preach it to them also,buti also lived what i preached to them as well these people new me pretty well and new what i stood for also. Just remember the devil is very bold and we have to be very bold to him in a respectable way to. GOD BLESS Y'ALL

Brian Johnston

O yes ma'am i no and he has at first when i would do this but it taught me how to say what i wanted to get across to them. I've been in the middle of a truck seat and no where to go with a person on it side of me while the truck was moveing . well can tell when i was in that situation we had church in thatback seat my friend,when you put me in that spot light well the boldness of the lord comes out you,GOD bless Y'ALL.

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Start looking for a new job and when you it you can then give notice. Depending on your start you can only collect unemployment for being terminated eith out just cause.

Jack Nieporte

Stay there and look for another job. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. See what other openings maybe you can transfer

Vickie Alanis

Quit after you have found another job. There is no reason for you to wait to get fired...that will look bad on your resume, plus it can affect your state of mind even more. There's plenty of jobs out there. I get a list of over 50 jobs daily. Don't wait, get hired!

Sarah Spencer

Keep records, right every negative thing down, everything that is said, who said it and when (date and time) , the same for things done. Do this for about 2 weeks. Sorry so long. The documentation will give you more to stand on to claim unemployment, but will need to be actively looking for other employment. Do not bring up negative reasons for leaving to perspective employers.

arizona haynes

i would like to help you out but the most i can tell you is try and find a job that would keep you occupied even if it off the books until or while you are trying to get unemployment

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Hi Rhonda
In reference to your question, collecting unemployment after you quit employment is very difficult. You must have a very good reason other than being laid off. The unemployment will mail your employer and your employer will deny benefits. Know if you have prove that of the bad behavior and bad treatment your ex employer has given to you and if you have witnesses or documentation where you have complained to EEOC, maybe you can get a unemployment benefits but it is not easy. I am sorry that you are experiencing this at your workplace and believe me this is occurs in many industries and that is due to lack of education, and training of supervisors on treatment of employees and harassment which there are many forms of harassment and verbal abuse is one of them. I wish you the best of luck and if you can find a job without having to file for unemployment would be best for you, cause even if you were to granted unemployment you would only receive half of what you earn per week or less.
Good luck

Cheryl Gale

The employer cannot deny benefits. They can only state their side and the unemployment people make the decision.

Cartrell Shannon

Request a 5 days notice. This method won't look bad on your employment history.

Latoya Davis

Soon as possible

Julie Martin

No guarantee you will get unemployment, Ever. The company can fight your claim and make it very difficult. I honestly would get a doctor to put you out on stress leave if you are having that difficult of time dealing with it. This way you can collect disability. It's a work around that I'm sure many people do.

Benjamin Korn

Rhonda this varies by state. In Nevada, you cannot collect unemployment for being jobless from your own doing (like resigning) but you can for a layoff or not meeting expectations. Like not hitting a sales goal and being dismissed. Keep your chin up!

Robert Langford

Well only option is talk to the human resources and maybe talk to someone in the Ofcha committee about your health awareness to aid you in it only thing I can think of hope it helps.

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Not knowing which state you live in I can only say document the behavior i.e. Film it. Buy a camera pen and film these occurrence so you will have proof most states allow you to film discreetly the party you film does not need to be aware they are being film. Check your local laws.

Robin Baun

I agree with Joaquin's comment to look for a job & quit once you find one. But don't quit w/o something unless you aren't getting paid or are being physically abused. If they fire you without cause--at least in Michigan, not sure if it's true elsewhere, unless you are being fired for cause you are due unemployment immediately. Otherwise you wait if you quit. So cause is defined as you did something awful like stole from the company or abused another employee in some way.

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Hi Rhonda, that is a very difficult situation for you. The best thing to do is to look for another position while you are still working or go to a Temp Agency and sign up with them and work on Temp assignments when you are looking. What you are thinking in your post in my opinion won't work. Good luck!

Cordy Gresham

First off do not quit. You need to start recording these issues. If it is as toxic as u say . You might a case of workplace harrasment. In all states there are laws that prohibit such acts...But u must record them and see an attorney. If.not you don't have a leg to stand on.
As of getting fired or quit ,it would actually be a bad thing to quit .Unless you had a another job lined up. As for being fired ...Bad job performance can hurt you to.
Most if not all jobs do background checks with former employers. If you was fired because of low or undesired work performance the job you want may.not want to higher you..
Like I said begin to document the problems with your job. When you feel you have enough go to a lawyer and let it go from there.
Not what you want to hear but just my opinion.

Elga Lynn Prehn

Keep in mind UIC is not much. Less than rent most likely. And if you have just 2 yrs in then it won't last long. Half a year or so. And it is taxable. Better to look for work while still working. Don't tell prospective employers why you are leaving. They never like to hear that story. Good luck on your search.

Guetchine Philippe

Look for other employment fast..

Profile placeholder

I've worked for a company (in HR, so I actually heard the owners say this) that there will be no paying of unemployment insurance, so if you want to get rid of one of your employees, make life hard so she will quit. The answer I know of is to start a daily diary on your own phone (the company phone info will disappear by the IT rep at owner's request) or the old fashioned handwritten way. State dates, times, those present, witnesses.

But MOSTLY, look for a job while you are employed, because once you are unemployed, it is much harder (I know not why). Good luck!


This happened to me also at one of the biggest retail stores Target .do what I did I would go to my supervisor and explain the situation telling him that you are taping the conversation ,and have him sign the incident report and get a copy .do this every time, even if it's twice a day this way you have a paper trail ,and proof of all your accusations. if the supervisor does not want to do this then go to the HR department ,do the same thing it may be tedious, and tiring but it will be cheaper than a lawyer ,and satisfying knowing that you are doing it for yourself and maybe others in your situation. then when the time is right you have all the paperwork to back you up they will see the light and give you what you want.

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Don't be intimidated by the size of your company. If you're company has a HR dept, go to them first. It does not matter how big the company is, they don't want anything to do with discrimination complaints, they just don't want the hassle and the risk of negative publicity. If you quit without even a record of a complaint, you could be condemning the next person behind you to the same treatment. Even big companies are strongly motivated to settle disputes at the lowest level. Meanwhile, start looking for a new job so you have the option of quitting without losing any income.

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If you NEED to get fired, just don't put up with the bullshit, which you should not have to do in any job. If management or whoever gives you shit, give it right back, stand up for yourself! Even in a good environment you should stand up for yourself and not allow some asshole try to ruin your life. You may get fired for insubordination or some other reason, but just don't allow them to bully you as so often can happen in a work environment, stand up for yourself! And as all the other suggestions have been made, look for a new job RIGHT NOW! With regards to the Second Rule, grab all the IP you can to take with you, after 2 years there you must have learned something, that is the real value you get from any job. Leverage that IP and continue to learn to earn, that is the real value of any job!

I am here for support Unknown

First of all, I feel your pain and I too was subjected to racial discrimination and unfair treatment from the federal courts and I can give you the best advice. 1. Don't quit, never quit. Find away to go to the doctor and let them know your situation and get time off. During that time you can look for another job. Never quit, they want you to quit and you and I both know it. Your have to be a news anchor or high profile to win those types of cases if you know what I mean. Google Title VII elements. Talk to your boss and let him know how your feeling. I understand how you have a bad taste in your mouth and have to put on your Jordan game face just to make it through the day. It's not the end of the world and the more you think about it the more it consumes you. Don't give your livelihood away for anyone.

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Why look for a way to get fired? I surely wouldn't want that on my work record! If things are that bad, find other employment & move on!

Kwame Agyei

If you are experiencing a hostile work environment, harrassment and discrimination. File a complaint in HR and go out on stress.

Martha Barrera

Hello Rhonda..I have been exactly where you are...and the the best advice I would give you is start job searching now and forget about trying to collect unemployment because even if they do fire you and you file for benefits, you will never receive them. The company will see to that even if they have to orchestrate their efforts to do so. Leave on your own terms, preserve your mental, emotional and physical will need this to perform like a champ at your next job. Believe me, there are times when you need to buckle down and prove something but then there are times like this and proving yourself does not matter to people/companies like this. Save yourself and move on to the next chapter of your life. Good luck!!

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It is almost always better to control your own fate and manage perceptions of others by quitting rather than getting fired. Your colleagues may understand that in your instance getting fired is a badge of distinction, but the hiring managers you encounter in your subsequent job search will not and may look at you with suspicion.

stacy dunkleberger

I was going thru the same thing a week ago. The workplace was affecting my health very badly. And my daughters. My question was quit or possibly die. I ended up quitting for my family. I just applied for unemployment. If u need and want something bad enough u fight for it. That's where I'm at. I don't have money like I did but I'm alive. And for my daughter n myself thats OK with me. God has always answered my prayers so I'm gonna be alright. There's too many jobs out there to waste ur time on one that's holds u back. Quit

Profile placeholder

I would just say screw it and find a new job

Darryl curtis Kosh Sr

Good Inquisitor ; the just balance is at the power of authority / A administrator default collect unemployment in full or to over personnel.
To the fact mental & physical well being is in law & by laws a just person , out of laws mental disability.
To ones ability in laws just , ones are out of the ability of the justice system a few week with out pay is about rights.
The power is all in your hands obey laws & do well in the justice system law is on your side can lose.

John Nunez

I have never thought of getting fired, but if it was a question for me, I would ask, how do I get fired, hmm? There are policies and procedures in a company and it's opposite day. Read between the lines. Lol Good luck! Don't recommend doing anything but what was suggested, look for a better job while you have leverage with your current job. Much better position getting another job while still working.

odell kiser

I understand,It would feel so good to quit,but even if you get fired there is no grantee that you will receive unemployment.

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Ask for a temporary leave through hr. Tell them you are having health issues due to the job and it feels like a breakdown due to environment at work. Then apply for unemployment after all is decided you should/ possibly still receive a partial check from your company. However, don't Quote me.

Victoria Ashcraft

Depending on your state, if you quit because of the work environment you may get unemployment. But you need to record everything that you are able to, so you have proff of what is going on. Even if you record voices and say names as they say something, but u can get proff and take them to court. But also find out from ur state unemployment to find out of that qualified you to leave. Wish you the best of luck but look for another job also!

Tong Xiong

I say do uber or lyft. It's a easier job and you won't have to worry about bosses. You work for your self, do your own hours, and your days of when want and want you want. If you want this, look into it and get it rolling and then quit. I would not suggest quiting it cold turkey and now your stuck having to find work and having bills stack to the ceiling. Find another job first and then quit that way your finances will stay afloat. You just roll into a new job and hopefully it will be better the next job you find down the road. Just plan ahead first before quiting cold turkey.

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

Tong if you do uber or lyft here in Atlanta you might get killed. We've had some problems with the drivers getting shot one woman even got raped. So no I'll never put a rider behind me to point a gun at my head. You drive uber.

John "Eric" Redwine

Start looking for another job. Use up your PTO, sick leave, etc. Be uncooperative, drag your feet, and don't do much work, but don't do or say anything directly confrontational. Either: (1) they let you go and you can get unemployment or (2) you'll find another job where you don't miss a check.

Richard Lucia

You don't want to get fired as your employer can fight unemployment for your being fired for cause. Instead miss some deadlines and days of work. This should induce a conversation to part ways. Remember there is something worse than getting upset and quitting and leaving. It's quitting and staying

Profile placeholder

Provide yourself with every email denoting abuse, every day when you go home make a note of the situation cause once you leave them you will be able o file a complaint against the. It is a sad situation to be in becaue you have no one to back you up. Most employers with their abuse get away with it because no one pulls together and complain. But in your case make your note until you can get out of there. I was laided off working for an employer who is in violation of the prevailing wage. I knew that they were but the workers did not know. . They were doing two and three different jobs but was only being paid for one. Not one of them knew the situation. No complaints the employer gets away with murder. Good luck.

Tara Hommel

Do something to get fired ! Don't do what your told to do by your boss and they will get rid of eventually

Gwendolyn Ingraham

DON'T quit until you have another. It hard out here and unemployment does not pay much and does not last long. Be careful please have another job.

Stuart Johns

Unemployment doesn't pay much. I would both look for another job and go directly to HR with specific incident information with witnessed events. You often can contest unemployment if fired or if you quit and win , but because unemployment doesn't pay much, I would pursue the first.

Edward Henkel

Can't quit have to get fired then can collect they will fight it though you have to appeal you will get it

Dave Horton

Best to move on, I worked in a fish market family owned the familiy members did nothing but sit on a stool and bark orders and on friday the owner would step up front to serve customers the other 5 days a week he was drinking beer and harassing working people yeah! I moved on from that soul crushing mindwashoperation.
Be real careful for working in family owned employment, I said it and I mean't for those that know me!!!!! you did'nt make me you cant break me!

William Kempner

Best advice, as many have said, work hard at finding a NEW job and THEN leave. It is ALWAYS easier to find a new job when you already HAVE one. Doing it your way is a risk and a gamble that you will likely lose. Everybody has been in a bad situation once or twice. Two years and nothing to show? Did you do a 410:(k:) I have spent a LOT longer at other places without anything to show for it, but if you leave like a lady, you'll even be able to ask someone there for a decent reference down the road. I'm at my current place 3+ years and change and only now am I considered a regular. Good luck.

Skot Taney Jones

I'm trying to collect my unemployment right now for similar reasons my manager needed a place to love he moved in with me and was on the lease he turned out to be a drunken junkie who left owing my landlord rent whe. Said landlord tryed to collect he became verbally abusive with me when he didn't respond to the landlord she started eviction proceedings on us and manager became more nasty I reported all this to other managers who also saw and heard the abuse but did nothing at all eventually when I was evicted I was forced to quit now my employer pretends nothing happened and I still can't get a responce from tennessee unemployment and it's been 3 months without an answer or pay it's come to the point that I'm now contacting the senators office to get an answer

Profile placeholder

You sound like write my congressman all the time. I think he hates

'Michael Gauthier'

Not if you have been documenting everthing. A small pen recorder would be helpful. But if you document. Its not that hard to collect. A hostile work environment is not that hard to prove.

Profile placeholder

Have u throught about talking to someone like your supervisor or HR because you or no one should have to tolerate any place or person that makes them feel uncomfortable I and it shouldn't matter what company or how large the corporation is there is a way to get by.

Profile placeholder

I was a male maintenance person at a female prison and just got tired of false allegations . So I quit

Profile placeholder

Don't just quit look for other work and if you get another job let the new job know that u will be able to start in two weeks put in two weeks notice at ur job it's the right thing to do.

Profile placeholder

I guess if you miss work frequently, make mistakes and just mess up often, plus keep searching for a new opportunity, eventually they will get rid of you. I think it's better to look for work while you are still employed than to be unemployed.

Erin Plier

Hi Rhonda. Can you obtain a small voice recorder, pocket it, & get whatever evidence you can before you leave? Personally, I have always quit jobs when I've been in your situation, but I'm sick of having to be the one to leave (when I Need the job), when I'm not doing anything wrong! If I were you (& I'm going to go get one too), I'd get a small voice recorder, or use your phone to record the audio during your day. That'll give you all the proof of workplace abuse you need no matter How many big deal lawyers a company has. Please let us know how everything goes, good luck!!!!

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

Erin now you should know that you can't record nothing and use it as evidence without telling the person. Now that's inadmissible is every court in the country. Facts first here.... Facts first.

Brad Waters

So this is possibly the worst idea i have seen on the site. This is what a teenager would do to get fired to go hang out with friends. If this is a hostile work environment, go speak with management. If it doesnt work at that level, requst meetings above their head and request management comes too. Dont act like a little kid, be an adult and handle your problems. Also, if i saw that someone worked somewhere for 2 years and got fired, i would be questioning that. If you have that kind of tenure, you really have to screw up and thats going to make job searchi g a lot tougher especially if they call you hr dept.

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

Mr. Waters don't let thoes ideas surprise you. Some of these people just don't need children. They are the children. Go figure.

Angela Jackson

I would recommend you finding other emploment or persuing legal action .

Profile placeholder

I had to leave a job. The bad part is I did nothing wrong but had to leave. My supervisor suffered from Bipolar Disorder. She wouldn't get help for her illness. She made my life miserable and I started feeling like I was losing my mind . I went to management and they did nothing. I couldn't take it anymore . I filed for unemployment and it was declined. They said I did not handle the harassment correctly. They were also told I was under review which was not true. The lies she told the employment commission and they believed her. I will never in my life figure out why someone that mentally ill is kept by an employer as a supervisor and others have to leave their job because of their erratic behavior and abuse. I have not been able to get another job.

Profile placeholder

Just slow down on ur regular basic way of wking.. They will see the slack and let u go...

Vincent LynchUsflag

That can be a tough one. If you can show via documentation, that you have and continue to receive abusive treatment from management and/or other employees and the company has not acted to correct that situation, then it is possible that you will qualify for unemployment. The next such incident, you should write a complaint to the top manager and request that action be taken to prevent any future such incidents. Keep a copy for your record at your residence. After you have made such a request on at least three occasions and no action has been taken to resolve the matter, you can show that the management has been delinquent in carrying out their management responsibility. Depending on the seriousness of the incidents, it is possible that you can qualify for unemployment benefits. Companies are held responsible for a toxic work environment.

Good Fortune !!! VKL

Melanie Manera

I actually had a job like this from 2004-2009 in county government. They must have been blackballing me because I applied for every job that came open trying to get out of that job and I couldn't even get an interview from anyone else! I took notes and taped conversations. I even requested and got a grievance committee meeting but I was not allowed to tape record the meeting! The top supervisor took away my tape recorder! The outcome of the meeting? The top supervisor sided with my supervisor bullies! I was even written up for documenting what they were doing to me! Things got even worse. I was transferred out of the job I had held there for 9 years into another job to work under yet another bully for retaliation against me for requesting the grievance meeting! I was even forced to go to employee counseling! It was an absolute nightmare! It cost me mentally, physically, and emotionally but I made it to my retirement date. We refinanced our house to get the rest of the money so I could buy 4 years and get the heck out of there with my pension and health insurance. When that day arrived, I didn't say a word to anyone, packed my things, walked out the door, and never looked back! You definitely need to get out of there one way or another. It has been years and my health is still being affected by what I went through. We also saw a lawyer who told us also just what you said. I mean, I was even reprimanded for documenting what was happening to me! Do whatever it takes to get out of there! And RUN!

Cheryl L Marino

Melanie, what a nightmare for you!

Melanie Manera

Cheryl, it is absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life! The mental and emotional abuse I endured at the hands of 3 bullying supervisors for 4 years (with a 4th bullying supervisor added during my last year there) was/is inexcusable! I was not the only employee who went through this bullying nightmare; I'm just the only one who spoke up, which in turn caused the bullying against me to get even worse (not to mention the fact that my supervisors' supervisor did NOTHING to help me and even reprimanded me for documenting what was happening to me!). Once I got out of that place (and before I discovered Facebook), I started documenting my nightmare on MySpace. The top supervisor (the Sheriff--I worked in a Detention Center) found out, started printing out my posts, and even called my husband (whom he had known for years) to complain about it! This Sheriff had a reputation for being an outstanding law enforcement official and he was upset that I was writing bad (but true) things about him. When my husband defended me by reminding the Sheriff that he did nothing to help me, the Sheriff became incensed at him and it cost them their friendship. There need to be laws in every state to protect employees against bullying. A little more of my story to give you a little more insight into how rotten to the core these people were--right after they transferred me out of my position that I had held for 9 years into another position, I found out I was pregnant. I was on antidepressants because of the bullying and I quit them cold turkey, which made me very sick from withdrawals. I ended up miscarrying. It was during the Christmas season. I did not get one card or even one phone call from these people. As my 12 week sick leave was coming to an end, I became extremely terrified of returning to work. I had to get back on medication just to give me enough courage to go back and face these animals again. On my very first day back at work before 8:30 am, the Jail Chief called me into his office and blessed me out over a simple misunderstanding that morning. I had just come back to work after a devastating miscarriage, not to mention the mental condition I was already in, and this jerk never says, I'm sorry for your loss. He just takes me aside and blesses me out! It took every ounce of strength I had that day not to walk out that door and go home. I had to endure 8 more months of bullying before I could finally retire and get the heck out of there! Those people ruined my life. I understand all too well what Rhonda must be going through and her concern about needing to get out very soon but with some source of income. Unlike some of the people commenting, I have actually been there, and I know what constant bullying is like and what it can do to a person if they do not get out of the situation. It cost me my health. It costs some people their life because they end up committing suicide because they cannot find a way out and the depression, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness overtake them.

Victor Garcia

I don't like getting fired due to the fact that it makes you look bad when applying for other jobs or positions. I was terminated from my last job and I have been looking since June, other employers may lok at that and call your ex-employer and bad mouth you, so dont get fired. Stay strong look for other jobs before you walk out or get fired it's not easy. That's my advice.

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Good advance don't quit

Profile placeholder

I agree with you. My contract at my last job wasn't renewed, as well as another a few years before that. At this last job, I sort of found out that I was going to be let go and since I was having anxiety attacks, trouble sleeping etc. I used that as an excuse to resign (they had to accept it) and gave them 2 weeks notice but they opted not to have me work it. I am so much better off being out of that company with its controlling execs and I don't have on my record that I was terminated.

Satione Williams

you know that you don't have to quit or get fired from your job and where do you work at?

Profile placeholder

Ohhh i can tell you how but i wont say it on the site if you want to call me 323 251 3387 my names tim i live in calif valencia area

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

....interesting...but are you telling de truth??...

Whittany Crum

You can collect unemployment if you are in a hostile work environment. Silly me didn't take advantage of it. I was in the same boat as you. Verbally abusive boss who would throw things at a server who didn't do what he wanted. People are crazy

Profile placeholder

True those people need not be in management

Profile placeholder

I fully understand your situation. Just look for another position with another company and then leave that one. If you quit, then filling unemployment is tough to get. I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through all that. Go to Career Builder and see if you cannot find something else. Also, if you put on the application that yes they can contact your employer, then your problem may be solved. That company may decide to fire you, then you can collect unemployment. Just don't do anything out of spite towards the company you are with now. Good luck and God bless you.

Profile placeholder

I quit a job and got unemployment. The person who tgey chose to speak for the company had no firsthand knowledge of the incidents that caused me to quit so i was awarded unemployment.

Sonya Norwood

I can tell you if all that is going on it's easier to get a job when you already have one. So my suggestion to is take a sick day and go apply somewhere else.. What city r u in???

Profile placeholder

Also to anyone who is being blackballed by former employers. It is against the law for them to come right out with any bad rep against a former employee. All they can say is : yes they worked here and they are no longer employed by us. They may say it just did not work out, but to come out and say specifics, they cannot do that.


video tape always work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Capito


Just remember, if you quit there is no possibility of unemployment. My suggestion is find a job and then quit. Toxic environments are just that...toxic and you definitely need to get out! But for your best career move, find a job first and do not complain about your previous position. Remember you are leaving for better opportunities. This is he best advice I have and wishing you the best of luck!

Jeff Funk

Anybody can get fired if u just work on it a little

Jesse Carter

So you'll have to file for unemployment and say you were forced to quit. And state the reasons why. Also take pictures before you go to show proof and or audio proof. Don't forget to be looking for work. . . , like, ah yesterday.

Profile placeholder

Start by calling in sick and calling telling them you will be late leave for lunch early come back late just abuse them any way you can and have them fire you. Once it's done you will feel so much better and relieved that you no longer have that toxic environment

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

...Einstein, then she won't get what she wants...

Profile placeholder

I would not suggest doing these things. Her work reputation is just as important as her personal reputation.

Jill Burress

Keep track of EVERYTHING. Go to your HR dept whether they help or not, you can state you met with HR. Definitely see your physician who should (I'm a nurse) write a letter that the job is impeding your health. I don't know what State you're in but with a physician note usually you can quit and receive pay for a short period of time but if not, you can submit it to unemployment.

Jill Burress

Also, contact an attorney who specializes in employment law before quitting or getting fired. Many will advise you of your rights for free over the phone.

Profile placeholder

If you focus on the things you don't want,you will always get what you don't want,so you need to focus on what you want where you are and all the things you don't want will disappear,Energy Flows Where Attention have to understand that if you leave now you will be carrying yourself with you,and will experience the same.

Profile placeholder

well spoken


You're grown no one knows what you're going through but u. If it's that Bad u need to make a decision,U always have good,Better n Best, asked your self the Question which one do I want. GOOD Luck

Profile placeholder

you got a phone record the things they say and take it to lawyer are unemployment because they see what's going on and you can get you money. Are just tell the head man what's going on and let him talk first, but record the things they do and your area and let that work first.

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

Document everything in writing get times dates witnesses, then talk to unemployment they can refer you to llawyers who deal with cases like these all the time they are called emoyee working harassment cases, not only can they get you uemployment but they could win you settlements to compensate you for the stressful work environment. If unemployment will not refer you to someone look it up in. Your own city unDer unemployment.attorneys, it doesn't cost anything to ask questions

Harold Lockleàr

Look for a driving company by the name of a Uber with them you can sign up out of your own business relocating people from One place to another as a taxi service for a transportation service they are on through carriers indeed in Google dot-com you set you set your own pace your own time and they work with you and you can do this what time you get home look for a job and you quit your other job because she will get paid 12 to $16 an hour this is what I am thinking of doing because I want to hold to jobs I'm looking for a day job and I'm going to sign up with Uber God bless you and I hope and pray that you make your day however you need to so it fits your lifestyle or what you looking for may God bless

donna little

Rhonda first of all you will not be able to claim unemployment if you're fired and the company needs to have a valid reason for terminating you. Secondly, if you feel discriminated against in any way there are protocols, policies, and procedures in place however, you must document incidents that make you feel in such a way and do not be afraid to use them, hey maybe they'll dismiss you for calling them out. On a serious note, if you feel comfortable speaking with your immediate supervisor, do so and if that does not work go to his/her superior and HR. Do not be afraid to stand up for what is right. if you don't feel you have a chance which I hate to say and always say this as a last resort, just resign but, make sure you have proof or documentation as to what led you to leave, hopefully unemployment be kind!!! Network with friends privately and start seeking employment elsewhere and save yourself the stress and headaches. Good luck!

Profile placeholder

You can resign, give them appropriate notice and still collect unemployment. EaP is usuall available to emps as well, if you are stressed out. Or continue to look for a job until you find one and then quit. Just a question if you have a valid complaint, someone cussing at you, threatening you, or other harrasment, why are you not documenting this harassment, who, what, when. keep your phone in your pocket and when it starts, record it. You have a right to not be harassed in your workplace. and should be going to both HR, your supervisor (depending on whom it is coming from) it is illegal, also check your companies policies and procedues, should be on the Web site or in employee handbook. None are above the law. Or your state labor board?. I know this because I have been a manager for several years. Harassment training is required every year to be given to all employees and what it consists of. It is a good bet that you are not the only one experiencing this. If it is the same perdon. All complaints are required to be investigated. Also their should be a hot line you can turn in your complaint anonymously. Check it out.

Cheryl Gale

It is very hard to collect unemployment if you quit your job.

donna little

Excellent advice Charlotte, very important she knows company policies. Many people take advantage of just being employed however, knowing your rights and company policies is a weapon for such cases.

Profile placeholder

Your next job is going to ask why you were fired or quit. Also no company is protected from discrimination acts. They are held accountable by state and federal laws. So I suggest you check with legal counsel.

Profile placeholder

I think it depends on why you resign. I left mine due to illness in my family. Trained my replacement, gave my 30 days notice. And did get my unemployment. So I suggest you get organized, determine what you want to do, do some research on the laws in your state and county. And procede from there. No one said it would be easy. But being stress free will be worth it.

Cheryl Gale

I am in the EXACT same situation as you are, Rhonda and even thought about posting my situation. I can't believe it! I've been at my company for two years also. In the state of Colorado, the unemployment folks are fairly lenient toward the employee. Nine times out of ten, as long as you didn't break any rules or policies, you are likely to get unemployment if you get fired. I worked with a gal who got caught drinking on the job, got fired and got unemployment because she claimed she had a problem and was getting help for her problem. If you can hang in there until they fire you, you are pretty likely to get unemployment. That is what I am trying to do as well. Being in this situation sucks and there are a lot of managers who act like bullies. It makes me sick that they get away with it. Good luck and stay strong!

Jerry Clendaniel

I was in the same position as you Rhonda, I went to unemployment , while I was working there and explained to them my situation in advance. Went back to work.of course didn't tell them. I worked and took a day off here and there and also slowed down alittle at work ,so they would fire me and when I talked again to unemployment, I told them what was going on. I got my unemployment but it's a 6 week penalty before you get it. They have to put you on unemployment , Remember, you paid into unemployment and they also are aware of the environment you work in .You will get your unemployment. Jerry.

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make a complaint to management record everything.record anything you can that way you have ammo againist them.

TaTaniah Johnson

Rhonda darling, it's always good to have another job, but it doesn't always work out that way. If you want to work elsewhere, don't get fired (just my opinion). If you do get fired, then collect unemployment. Now, as you're collecting unemployment, you might have to work far away elsewhere to start over by picking up the pieces because of reference checks. It's always a sticky situation.
I wish you the best!

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I quit because I didn;'t get to see my family much. Being a manager for food and bar is rough, especially when your people don't show up at work. Did it for five years and almost lost my husband and God. So I gave notice . God was why I decided to look else where. Made my marriage better to. Went to work in an emergency room as a communications officer. Had to listen to police ,fire, and all emergence calls, beeped all doctors and transmitted orders from them to the guys in the ambulance while they were tending to patient. I loved that until I thought to myself, I can do this from my own home. So I did for nine years, 24 hours aday

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Hello Rhonda I will be totally honest with you, do not quit because if you do you will be unable to get unemployment. What you can do is file a complaint with the EEOC why you are still employed by them. You can file the complaint stating that verbal abuse, and toxic work environment , discrimination, and how it is had affect your health. Make no mistake about filing because it will protect you. I was forced out of my job of 30 years and what was so bad this Manager were on my back everyday because I went on medical leave. They gave me 320 hours for leaving which was nothing and then they try to make me sign a resignation letter which I would not sign and they told unemployment that I quit and did not give them a reason. I refuse to sign it and that was the best thing They had nothing on me I have never had a write up or nothing so please do not quit. Fight and contact the EEOC . I will be praying for you. Because I went to the EEOC and they took my case. You have to stay strong.

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Omg if I didn't know better I'd swear I wrote this. This is my exact situation. I have been interviewing but haven't had any luck. Good luck to you I hope it works out for you. I'm considering quitting and if I can't find a job letting my house foreclosure just to get out of there

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please don't quit that will give them power of you and you don't want that.
We have to learn to fight back and stay strong I know that it is hard to do but get on your knees and call out the name of JESUS and he will help. Our problem is that we put to much trust in man and not in GOD he is in control.

Mildred Petrassi

Look for another job, while still employed. Use your vacation time or sick time. Apply at nite on your own personal computer. Big companies are lawyerd up to their eye teeth. Better to leave with dignity then living a lie. Good Luck

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You are very important to yourself, you can never ever in all your life find a better you , we'll you can improve yourself ...But your job....ain't greater than YOU. you can get another job and another and another.....priorities YOU N A JOB......

Tim Durpos

I can tell you from personal experience if you quit no matter how justified you may feel you will regret it and it will affect you and the way you feel cause you let them win by pushing you to quit then you will have a label as a quitter in your subconscious mind place a positive label in your mind as a overcomes and hit back with your best game the hard right is better than a easy wrong

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Good advice for her she should not quit but fight and let them know who is in charge.

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Hi Rhonda,
OMG I have solo been there…..First of all do you have sick time to use? If so, go to your primary doctor and tell them what is going on and see if you can get a note to stay out of work for awhile and then look for another job. Make sure you file FMLA paperwork!!!!!!!! trust me on this one….If no sick time then I would go to a doctor and see if you can go out on workers comp…..due to mental issues……..keep in mind workers comp is not a lot of money every week…….Good luck to you and I SSSOOO know where you are coming from…….Stay positive… Another option is to go to an employment agency, you will have to interview with them, but that is standard practice and have them look for something, so you don;t have any additional stress…….

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I was in the same situation with the city job I had I took a disability leave then came quit before I came back filed for unemployment got denied appealed it and won show proof why I quit and took the leave of absent you don't have to get fired to collect unemployment just have to have proof in why you quit and a good reason and this was in California

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Ok so first it looks like you need a mentor. Let me give an example you need someone you can look up to someone that you would not mind telling you future goals. Next explain to then that this job is only way ti get money. Last let you mentor know you plans as to what you are going to do for that week as to job searching and what ever happens that mentor has to hold you responsible.

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You don't have to put up with that kind of disputing and just leave. If you are going through day by day situation where those types of problems/ people give you that kind of pressure then just leave. Plus, you also have your benefit to look forward to receiving some in the future.

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I've been through the samething you have, I personally went to the HR department and ask what the policy was against discrimination and hostile work enviorment, see what they say . It is your right to go to them without repricussions , if they do talk with you document everything they say and do, there are wireless recorder pens and other items you can use to record them, . I did that and they calmed down which gave me time to find another job, Goodluck and keep us posted

shannon lee

I do not think that they will pay you unemployment 4 getting fired you might want to call the unemployment office and tell them about your harassment they might give you unemployment for that I've known someone that has done that

Nolan Snell

Really I think you need to be let go to collect unemployment. If you voluntarily quit I think your application will probably be denied.

You should just take advantage of the fact that you are still being paid and really, really extend your job search.

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Be your own lawyer, ask for severance and a confidentiality agreement and for uncontested unemployment. Take the severance check with you on your last day. Fired employees do no get severance and the unemployment people will say that for you. They will contest the unemployment. Once you say you received severance, they are a sunk ship. Ask for 10k or more severance, take whatever you can get though. Good luck to you!

Anita Matos

You should obtain a new job before you resign from this one. You want to leave on good terms so you can receive a reference. Unless you can prove that you were treated differently from others doing the same job or you have been discriminated against because of race, religion, ethnic origin, gender etc., (and have witnesses or records to support your claim), if you quit you won't receive unemployment. Employers most often want to hire people who are working. Your job search if you quit would be less successful than if you kept your job. Never speak negatively about your employer to a prospective new employer. If you do this, you will shoot yourself in the foot.

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I suggest you continue to be the adult in the conversation. As difficult as people can be; you should not let them get the best of you. YOU seem to
be doing YOUR part in being a GOOD EMPLOYEE by trying to set a good example for others. Like others may note; focus on finding a much better
job in which you will hopefully work with people whom will appreciate YOU.
When asked about your job search; show that YOU are the better person. And instead of being negative about less noble PEOPLE; simply say you would like to try a different setting because of location or change of pace or other productive reasons. By being the BETTER PERSON; I believe that YOU will find a better place. GOOD LUCK

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I left my job for hostile work environment. I complained to management every chance I had, and they KNEW IT. I left, and, because they KNEW I was being harassed, they gave me the unemployment. Before I left, another employee quit and filed an EEOC charge for hostile work environment. So, they gave me the unemployment, telling me that I paid into it therefore, I should get it. Boy, if that doesn't emit an admission of the hostility, I don't know what does. P.S. The girl who quit who filed the EEOC charge did NOT get unemployment. Go figure.

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A fellow Jobcaser Her sacrifice, you benefited---de God Family works in 'mysterious' ways....Praise to our Holy Family, because we All get used fer each others benefit--whether we know & acknowledge it...or not...only until 'death' will we see de Books opened up---and how All our lives are intertwined like one Gigantic if someone benefits from YOUR sacrifice, know that probably in de past someone unwittingly did de same fer you...

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call in but do it with dr note and you can draw but they got to fire you... good luck its a pain

Lacey Moore

I'm sorry Rhonda i recently went through the same thing and to save my mental health I needed to quit. I just hope that doesn't bite me in th ass. Good luck.

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You need your mental health.....not anger and crap. Head up lacey.

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It needs to be called a REDUCTION IN FORCE

swayzine thomas-robinson

Mrs. Davis, remember taking a Dive has a Boomerang affect, so in this obvious Case, stand steady, there must be a EPA violation. Keep your wits about you. Rhonda during paid Vacation's or holiday leave, find a interview, while you can, before this causes mental and physical, emotional damage to you. Earnings are still less then $10.00 for starters, wait my friend, a wage increase will allow employers a little more wiggle room. Offers could require your skills, or hiring Dates to comply, locally, under New guidelines. There is competition, shallow waters run deep, causes and effect, and if possible in 2017, States; will follow additional pay scales as other States encourages, $15 per hour, minimum wage hike. Be safe not sorry.
Happy New Year

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Proving hostile work environment, discrimination etc is not impossible to prove. Pad and paper everyday, document document document! Be very specific with the facts only NOT how you feel. Dates, times, persons involves, activities that occurred, statements made etc. Once you have about 4 weeks of solid repetitive negative outcomes from the company, employees call the Corporate Compliance Officer. They cannot retaliate. Document all the that as well. Continued SOLID documentation will reflect what you're describing here. Don't even bother sneaking around work to document whatever occurs!
Just do your job, document and you will be surprised what will happen. If you go to the MD document the reason why, example: Blood pressure, headaches, heart pounding etc
Get your MD to also write a work excuse to reflect that work place is causing you to be unhealthy. They cannot fire you with the MD excuse. If you've been employed a year FMLA is an option. Transfers are an option. Work the system to your benefit. If you document correctly things will change. Unemployment won't pay enough nor is it guaranteed, the company will fight that and probably win meaning no unemployment paid to you.
Keep us posted.

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Make an escape plan, for 2 to 3 months out and start working on it. When this happened to me, I registered for substitute teaching and with a temp agency. I also reduced expenses to where I only needed to work 12-14 days a month. It takes a while to get over this sort of treatment, so maybe a forever job is not the best now. Use the EAP therapy they provide. Unemployment is only for involuntary leaving - and I have taken it in the shorts three times. Workplace bullying is still accepted - or they pretend not to see it. Don't stay any longer than you have to, even if it is a financial risk. You can record information, save emails on your own disk (amazing how those can disappear by the time you are ready to go), and if over 50, try the EEOC. If you go to HR with the company, use the words intolerable conditions. It might get them excited. Best wishes.

George McKinnon

Get fired, just get a copy of your job description and a copy of the employee handbook. Simply refuse to do anything not on your job description. And whenever a supervisor or manager yells at you file a harassment complaint with Human Resources, quoting the harassment chapter in the employee handbook. Also document every time someone is rude, demanding, unreasonable, etc., a journal so to speak. Also snitch on anyone who violates company rules. Eventually they will tire of your constant complaints and they will fire you. Trust me, inside of a month you will be collecting unemployment. Just keep your own nose clean, turn your journal into the unemployment department for when your employer tries to prevent you from collecting.

ed boyiceUsflag

Little Red Ridinghood got scammed by a wolf and you know what happened to him. Go to or call the EEOC and file a cpomplaint they will investigate your allegations and if they find that this company is in violation you can sue and usually in cases like these attorneys will work for you pro bono, which means you don't have to pay them a dime. They can have all the lawyers on God's green earth but if they are found in violation it wouldn't matter, so file a complaint. If you want to get fired start yelling back at them give to them what they've been giving you. One of two things will happen they will either leave you alone or fire you.

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All this chat is great..we're equal in abuse ..what? This is America rite? Mm..makes us second guess it all..boils down to is insecure, uneducated, inexperienced, untrained, sad..seen it in interviews..just non sense..if ya can't handle the heat, get out of the I interview the one interviewing's my life..won't bow to anyone but my family..guess I'm audacious a bit, but hey, this is real I crazy, or understand being a adult..I work, you pay dah..all I can say is STAND UP FOR YOUR RITES, ON YOUR TOES, NOT YOUR HEALS, AND REALIZE THERE IS A HIGHER POWER.. been proven to me..god's a jungle out there..seriously, look up the word faith, and then look in the mirror...

Profile placeholder

Yes be smart . I stayed for 20 years title clerk automotive. Family owned business my boss I thought was my friend. I asked her to be my maid of honor in my second marriage. After that I put up with so much hurt. Laughing at me , talking about me so could hear with her friends in her office. Oh I could go on and on. I quit have been unemployed for 3 years starting on 4. My heart couldn't take it anymore. I shouldn't have listened to my heart I should've used my head. My husband and I r struggling thank my children r grown and doing well for themselves . Believe me I'm in a very deep depression

Profile placeholder

Wow, Lori...experienced title lady's in car biz are priceless..depending on region..have 30 yrs behind me to know..shake it off, get on your toes, and any mega dealer will pay big for u..if u live by biz is diff now, but titles are the auctions, they know and pay $$.,been there...sold 300+ in a week to know your priceless..yo arena..

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Omg. It's wonderful loving and caring people like you who get stepped on. Better people will come into your life. God bless you.

Kathryn McCall

I was fired after I had been harassed, yelled at...anything in an attempt to get me to quit. I kept records showing that I had increased the sales revenue for the team I ran and that I was higher than most of the other nearby locations in sales. Because of this, when I was terminated, I could collect unemployment. The company tried to fight it but I win because of the reported I had sent to my personal email and within two weeks from when I applied, I was approved.

I've worked hard all my life, never been fired and didn't want to collect unemployment, but my friends and family urged me. I'm so glad I did! Later I read the 300+ glassdoor reviews about the company and found out the hostility, poor (many times illegal) work conditions and bad treatment of staff and patrons, that I experienced were listed in 95% off the reviews!

Job hunt and hang in there! Do your job and don't let them break you! Read glassdoor reviews of every company you apply for. You'll get through this! Hopefully good companies that treat employees right will continue to pop up and the huge corporations that abuse will be forced to change their ways or fail. It's happened to many companies that devalued their greatest asset - their employees! Hold your own! You got this!

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Well Rhonda first off SORRY to hear you are going through HELL @ work. It is always hard when you have to deal with what you are @ work & try to stay sane. I checked and if you quit your job you may collect unemployment but it depends on the cause. Can you provide proof of what they are doing to you ?. I would start looking for another job right now just keep it on the down low. Good Luck :)

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Ms. Davis, I had to DO what you're EXACTLY contemplating! If you have a Union and are a member of it, GET a GOOD Union Lawyer and PREPARE for BATTLE!!! I DID EVERYTHING HUMANLY possible as I saw the handwriting on the wall (within my job and outside of it, I sent out innumerable resumes and went on interviews, ALL for nothing, unfortunately) and ended being subpoenaed to go before the hearing board of the Court System I worked under; UNFORTUNATELY, due to errors on my job performance, with contributing factors (health issues stemming from constant harassment, backstabbing, arguing with asinine, self-absorbed superiors, resulting in sleep apnea and rattled nerves and the eventual dissolution of my marriage, as well as an incompetent Union representative). SO, from MY own personal experience, CONTINUE your job search, seek possible legal intervention and GET ALL YOUR DUCKS LINED UP IN A ROW (Paper work, things accomplished, etc. ASAP!!!) Take it from someone who's ENDURED 20 YEARS of NONSENSE and HUMILIATION and now about to enter a entirely DIFFERENT type of work force -- BEST WISHES and BEWARE!!!

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I would never suggest to anyone to allow an employer to fire you. If you believe in god and stand on your faith he will see you through all that you are going through ask yourself do you really want to give in to verbal abuse or as you put it discrimination? You don't give them what they want you continue to do your job to the best of your ability and ask god to guide your spirit. Only he can bring you out of this situation but you have to have faith believe in god and you will see things turn in your favor.may god bless you.

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Hello Rhonda,
I know exactly how you feel. I don't know if you can draw unemployment from being fired or quitting. It seems to always be your fault under these circumstances. But, i am wondering if you can put in a 2 weeks notice and draw unemployment if your health and mental stability are affected. It' s best to consult a lawyer on this one.

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First, your cell has a recorder,turn it on every time you have to talk to anyone who's being hostile with you,then go to hr and tell them you have proof of hostility towards you.if they refuse to help,find a lawyer, play the recording and see if you can tak e legal action against the person that's creating the hostile work environment or the company if hr refuses to help.

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If you're looking to change careers,aspendental has an on site lab that makes dentures,they train you and pay while training. Any certification needed,they pay for. ..

Anita Draughon

Maybe you could use your acquired skills, do a resume and send out copies. Make interview times during your lunch period. Just tell the Interviewers you want to work in a better environment, and the time available is during lunch. Try something perhaps, temporary work until, you secure permanent employment.

Rodney Eley

You need to get a portable tape recorder or just use ur phone to record all this stuff going on, on ur job have it in your presence in your pocket somewhere where you can push play record when this stuff happened to ensure that you have some documentation on this discrimination stuff on the job, that what I will do, (cyoa), cover your own ass.

Profile placeholder

Don't worry about all this business about you should have used a fake name...HR has better things to do than to read these posts! You have enough on your plate to have an anxiety attack!

Joanne Jacques

Being verbally abused in not okay. I am sorry. If this is unbearable then you need to quit. Then just file and be honest. I I would create an exit letter stating that your targeted abuse is causing severe stress and your mental health is suffering from it. State that you can no longer work in such a toxic environment. I would have the letter certified. Do not get fired. You can be denied unemployment even getting fired. Unemployment benefits are a lot then a salary. You also have to deduct for taxes which makes the benefit even less. Put your energies toward finding a new job. Best of luck..

Jacqueline Donohue

Excellent advice Robin!

andy lewis

emploryers x
can be sneekie about unemployment claims ,said I was dismissedd
DUE to misconduct.i only .Made a .mistake and told them (after 10years)

Alicia Thomas

I understand what your saying but no amount of money will make me stay at any job where I am being mistreated. Your peace of mind and happiness comes first. That's a win-lose situation unless you can record them. Second option, on your days off find you something else and Run for the hills!

Henrietta Gasque

Hey Rhonda first off in my opinion you would need to do a chain of command if you are being mistreated or any kind of abuse at your job you go to you supervisor and if they don't do anything you go over there head and then over the others head if they don't do anything and so fourth you get you some witnesses and you write everything down in a note book and keep records of everything that happens on a daily bases to cover your track and if you get terminated for following the chain of command what can they do you covered all of your bases you did what you had to do oh and don't forget to pray about it. God Bless

Stephanie Knox

I agree with gill also if you have medical issues because of this job and can show proof you can quit and draw your unemployment.

Brenda McCray

Hello Rhonda. I beg to differ. The EEOC is your voice against company misconduct. Do not quit your job and assume you will get unemployment. It does not work that way. Documentation is the key to being successful! Keep your head up and nose clean. Document, document, document and then present it to the EEOC. Let them make the final determination if you have a case.

Jason Orr

If you quit for good reason such as verbal abuse you can draw unemployment it just takes a little longer..I got unemployment when I quit after being called stupid by my supervisor it took me seven weeks to get it but I got it

Profile placeholder

I'd check into the recording laws a well. That may be your best bet. But definitely start looking abmnd keeping documentation of everything, dates, time, who said or did what etc.

Profile placeholder

Don't quite....Ullman get Nutting from strong I'll indore ....Jesus....indore ull .be fine

Gary Volosin

Make them fire you.....just keep going to work and see a shrink to report how stressed out u are. Make sure to tell HR after that u need some emergency time off.
After you see your shrink get evaluated for anxiety disorders and put in a
workers comp claim. Screw em', they can't prove the damage they have done to your head, particularly if you have a professional diagnosis of bipolar or anxiety disorders.
Just make sure u see a legitimate Psychiatrist first and get a formal diagnosis....before going to HR.
Most of these doctors are difficult to see and it may take 2 months to get an appointment and really does sound like an abusive and hostile get this all taken care of before quitting or speaking w/ HR.
Make sure you doctor will recommend time off, then see HR and make your case for workers comp. Trust me, u will definitely get their attention and a nice exit package. DON'T put up w/ their crap!
Fight back, but u must be smart about it by voicing some complaints w/ coworkers and getting like-kind feedback before u see a shrink. Most importantly! Be sure to document every conversation of abuse in detail and do not leave this in your office because they will hunt for it as soon as you file for workers comp.
Once u have all the documentation and professional Diagnoses, seek a Reputable locally know attorney that specializes in workplace abuse and you will have them by the balls.
They know it is easier to settle than to go to court and air their dirty laundry. You can alway be a little creative and document some sexual harassment come-ons from your boss! Again make sure u have it all documented w/ times, places, direct quotes! You are at war and must prepare properly with all the tiniest of details. Start a daily diary of the abuses and similar remarks from co-workers as you will require all the ammo u can muster to show your attorney and don't file anything before u get a professional opinion from outside counsel.

Wendie Lee

Seriously your asking her to make up sexual harassmemt. That's disgusting and you just insulted everyone that have actually been sexually harassed and have had to fight for what is right because of someone like you making shit up to build a case. No one should yell sexual harrasment unless its truly happening you can ruin lives that way and get a lawsuit slapped on yourself for defamation of character. Good luck with that. Also you.can't go to a shrink and ask them for a diagnosis of a mental health issue unless there is an actual mental health issue. People with mental health problems don't just make shit up.they have an actual chemical imbalance in the brain. Can someone get mentally ill from a work case trauma, absolutely but you don't go tell a shrink in think I have bipolar or anxiety.

Barbara Thulin

Rhonda the hard way is the honorable way. You will feel so proud of yourself for driving your car where you want it to go meaning your life choices is the car you choose. You can drive a bike or VW..... or a Lamborghini. If you take the passive route to get fired just to collect unemployment you self esteem will diminish. You looking for a new job you will have a growing seed of desperation to find that job as you keep having to renew unemployment. You have a job. That gives you inner strength looking for a better job. Think of this transition like Rocky in training by taking your mornings, lunches and evenings looking for your dream job. Stop the car and poke your nose in places and ask if they are in need of help. You will be surprised that there are trillions who don't put signs out there but in the quiet of their hearts are praying for God to direct the right person to them. Finally, what you are going through is actually a gift. How? It is awakening your governing values. These are the core things that you make you you. You obviously see no race and want positive people like yourself filled with PMA around you. You can have that. The biggest thing that you have to understand is this- It is NEVER what happens to us but it is how we respond. What they are doing is triggering you. When you raise the invisible hand and deflect this like a duck with water rolling off it's back you will have peace. Remove yourself from the room or make quick exits when they flares are spewing. Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite coaches. Please listen to this. Embrace this pain and be a warrior. Live your life with intention and you choosing. Be a victor rather than a victim. You will be so proud of yourself inside and will shine like the sun. Best of luck!!!

Natalie Scott

Let them fire you and try to document everything that happens. If it is not illegal, then try to find a way to record the verbal abuse or bullying (ie: recording apps on cellphones or some electronic or spy stores also have mini recording devices). Unfortunately, verbal bullying is sporadic so it may be difficult to record at the right moment. Also take time for yourself to regroup (walk away from your desk, go to the restroom, take a 15 min break)... because you don't want these people to wear you down emotionally and mentally. It happened to me at a former employer and I felt I had to leave so I wouldn't lose my mind. So I became distant after awhile to protect myself from responding inappropriately. Keep your bearings, pray and have confidence that you don't deserve that type of treatment. You will find another job and hopefully when you leave there you will have all the evidence you need to either collect unemployment or win a lawsuit. Be strong.

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A fellow Jobcaser

How about hostile work environment claim or lawsuit? Check with a labor attorney. You will have to document everything.

John Jordan

It's not illegal to record people if it's truly that bad and that would help in proving certain things about your allegations

Profile placeholder

Find another job first and in the mean time just quit it in your mind. Show up, but just don't care at all. Do whatever you feel like doing, take personal calls, have people stop in to say hi, go to a leisurely lunch, polish your nails, floss your teeth, put on headphones and sing out loud, or just sing out loud! Throw a little dance step in when you are walking, give a good hearty loud laugh when someone insults you, make the laugh last long enough to make people uncomfortable, stop, wait, then laugh again. Answer all hypothetical questions. Take everything that is said literally. Like if someone says hi, howya doin'? as they pass by you stop, put your hand on their arm, look them in as the eye and tell them how you are in detail using lots of over the top additives and made up words. Ramble on ad nauseam. Use really big hand gestures when you speak so to knock things off the desk, even hit people accidentally. Whisper, in their ear with your hand cupped over your mouth. Other times speak really loud, or in a different voice or accent. If confronted about your behavior pretend to be totally bewildered. If that doesn't work start coming late, leave at noon, or don't show up at all for ridiculous reasons, but be very serious about it. Chapped lips, hang nail, song on radio has you an emotional wreck, your concerned about your pet fish as he has been under a lot of stress lately and shouldn't be left alone... that kind of thing. Have fun with it.

Gordon Hamilton

I can't believe out of everything being recorded you dont know what to do

Profile placeholder

U need be looking for a job once u do that quit ur job. If u quit unemployment not the answer. Trust me I know.

Profile placeholderUsflag

Hello Rhonda and to all others in this and any other tight spot DOCUMENT everything WHY because if it's NOT documented IT DIDN'T HAPPEN and if for some unknown reason it goes to court you don't stand a chance without the Documentation. Good luck.

Profile placeholder

I believe that you can still collect unemployment if you quit, but there's a penalty. I don't know how much of this toxic place you can stand, but if you can afford to leave and wait for unemployment then I would leave. I've left plenty of jobs that were toxic and with my faith in God things went very well. Rhonda start looking now for a new job. Your health and mental state isn't worth killing, with job that don't care about who they hire. Good luck and God bless.

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you should keep a copy of everything they say and do and write it down with time and date then you can talk to the state government that handles harriement they could get reppramanded from the state for abuse which is against the laws. or talk to a lawyer who could tell you your rights there are laywers who do this

Carla Pires

Listen I don't know why they kept sending me those messages, I was looking for a job on these website nothing else ,really sorry but I have 2 kids to taken care so ,I don't have te stop sending me the messages please!!! Thanks

Profile placeholder

Simply ignor them..... or remove yourself from the community then, when you signed up for it this is why you are getting these messages...... its automatic,,, ppl who place postings cannot self direct them to specific ppl. thanks

Claudia Canton

Unsubscribe yourself

Stephie Keirle

I understand your frustration but I would stop looking for an easy way out. Your current situation gives you enough incentive to pursue other job opportunities. So if I were you, I'd suck it up a little bit longer. Start tweaking your resume and putting it out there. You never know, you may find a job that you'll love. And it looks better in interviews that you are currently working. Collecting unemployment is not the answer and it's not what most people want to be doing. I know it's hard to swallow but be grateful you have a job. There are thousands who are unemployed collecting unemployment who would take any job given to them just to be working. I feel for you that you work in such a toxic environment.. but just stick it out a bit longer until something better comes along. So start being proactive now!! Until you have an official hire letter with a new company - then you can tell your current company - KISS MY ASS - not in those words lol. It'll get better!!!! It has to!! For the time being, while you are there - as others have stated - document everything!
For the record - people who have taken their companies to court over discrimination etc, have had a hard time getting back into the work force. It just doesn't look good on your background check. Just sayin - there are pros/cons to this. Your best bet is to start looking and leave once you have something lined up.
Keep your head up. I'm pulling for you! Good Luck!

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Beat there ass then walk out

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Rhonda.. the only way you can collect Unemployment Benefits is if you get Laid off, getting fired or quitting you will not get UB. If your current place is that toxic, I would start looking for a new job ASAP. I know it can not be easy holding down a job & looking for one- but what is the motivation? If its that toxic I would spend all evenings & weekends job hunting....... Or find some way of supplementing your income, maybe take a part time job & put that money away so that when you do leave this job you have some savings to help you by in lieu of not collecting UB. Alternatively is to try and make you current workplace better. Is it ALL Management there? or just your direct manager?-- there are laws now that prevent discrimination, that you can take it to your Human Resources department- or go over your mgrs head to the next level (which is what I did when I was sexually harassed by my direct mgr)- sometimes this works as it did for me they moved me to a new group- a year later my previous mgr gets forced transferred to another state. The flip on that is maybe they wont back you & will retaliate against you- only you would know if that would happen. But, I would document everything,, take photos with your smartphone of things,,, download a voice recording app to record verbal attacks etc.. I downloaded an App to record phone calls- mostly coz I am hearing impaired & have difficulties understanding over the phone so I now can re-listen to the conversation, but with this age of technology there are allot of devices out there to our disposal. Good luck.

Lisa Renwick

Rhonda, No you can't collect unemployment while still working for this company. I would just ignore everyone, keep my head down and do my work and apply for other jobs during my lunch break and everyday after work and weekends. During the week is a good time to set up interviews you may go on your lunch break Not everyone likes their job but try to stick with it because you need this job until you can get another.. Good luck and just try to gut it out. Lisa Renwick

Mar Dero


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They must have a good reason to fire you. If not you can draw unemployment. The employment will give you a hearing to see if they were justified firing you. If not you will draw your money.

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You quit you do not draw. Will answer more later.

Greg garrett

My name is mike just went through that same thing i got me a lawyer and i sued they ass and got paid i can hook you up with a lawyer.

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That's why a person/people should ALWAYS keep documentation of dates etc..... It worked for me. And it doesn't matter how BIG a company is. GOD said MOUNTAINS can be MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!! You still have time to make your notes and format them into documents. Take care U!

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Don't let you job environment drive you crazy. Do your job. Punch in and out everyday. Don't get sensitive about those negative issues. On your own time, go out and apply for other job opportunities. Do not Quit or plan any action towards getting laid off. It's not worth the problems. Move on. You cannot fix those kind of problems without getting permanent employment problems.

Melissa Knapp

First depending on what state you live in you cannot file for unemployment if you have been fired. So you need to check that out first and if your company fights against employees from being able to get unemployment. You need to start looking for a job while you still have one or you may be looking for a job without any income.

Albert Marchese Jr

Ms. Davis: start looking for a new job and document everything that goes on at your current job,you may need it if involved with the company and/or state unemployment department.

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Report what has bothered You all that You feel is wrong about Your Job to the Labor Board they will straighten everything out

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Go to Labor Board

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A fellow Jobcaser

Best alternative for the situation made by Jeanette. Smart and the first possible step.

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ZGo To The Labor Board

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Don't quit just go to Labor Board

Jennifer Adams

If you have filed enough complaints with HR Dept of discrimination -and keep documenting all of everything - email, and the HR follow-up paperwork they give you - you might be able to settle with the company with a severance package. Make sure you agree that they will not and cannot give you a bad reference . The agreement must read it's a voluntary layoff.
Call your state department of labor first to see what they have to say about the discrimination complaint filed .

Of course keep looking for employment elsewhere but make sure you don't just quit without getting a severance package which you can if you hold your ground with valid discrimination complaints.
It's extremely exhausting and awful that companies allow this to happen their employees- but they should respect that you're trying to get along but to no avail.

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Very important I quit my job for those same reasons. But you first have to put your complaint with the eeoc in your area. I hope you have proof to provide. They will contact your employer but not to worry they can't fire you then. Because it would be consider retaliation. After that they may give you the approval to obtain a attorney you can sue them. Once I got that notice I quit I collected my ue and won by case. Plz be smart if you quit you really will not be able to get your unemployment. Although if you quit you will be able to appeal the decision they make and if you prof that it had affected your health you will win. God luck and God bless...

patricia pope

if they can prove you willingly did things to get fired than you can't get un-employment in most states in the mean time keep applying for position with other companies Ms; Davis if you stay with that company start with purchasing a small recorder so you can have an audible proof of what you part of discrimination practices were being practice, they may not hire you back or fire you they might decide to settle before any finical damage would be done to their business if it goes to litigation, finally if you know the right agency you will get instance respect so get the proof first (audio) check out the E,E,O.C. in your town !!!peace be with you

tonia bryant

I'm going thru the same thing.....I don't want to quit..but the physical ailments are taking a toll on my body..along with the attitudes and rude behavior from in the meantime...I started two of my own buisineeses...I'm working on my exit strategy..then I'm about to take that leap of faith and POOF!!!! gone......if your me at for info....and to hear from can change your has mine..

Claudia Canton

Don't ever quit. Write a journal of everyday incident and every email that's inappropriate. Do not quit, if you quit on your own you will not get unemployment and they will not be pathetic to your reasons as you will need proof. Also, speak you HR and explain the situation.'If you have a Union even better. They can help you move to another location as your employer would not like to be sued. But remember you need evidence. Try to move to another department with the help of HR or Union. But be careful as your boss has an eye on you. Anything you do will be against you so be discreeet. Or start looking for a job when possible. This is not the only job in the world and not everyone is mean. Have faith. And if you look and asked just say you are seeking new opportunities and are seeking for professional growth. Don't talk negative about your employer in an interview.

randall crawford

Definitely do not quit!!!! Or you cannot get unemployment! .....take time to make a new resume ,make a doctor's appointment to get a check up,see if they can help with stress etc.and also set up job interviews and leave resumes to places you would like to work even if they do not advertise. You'd be surprised at how many places will hire a person who is still employed over someone who is not..Theres no need to disclose your issues with your current work,just say your looking for a better fit at a job you would be happier at ...and be picky ,take the job that feels like it's right for you! And good luck!

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The key is document if this is going on keep a journal use your cell phone or a recording device to prove your case. To be able to collect unemployment you will need to be able to prove your case to some degree. But in the mean time update your resume and references list and interviewing skills practice, put together two good business outfits. You must walk into the interview with total confidence ready to secure the job if not don't go.

Wendie Lee

I'm reading so much misinformation. You are protected if your mental health is affected not just physical. There are laws in place and under the disability act mental health is also considered a disability and employers must accomodate you or risk a lawsuit. Talk to your employer and see if the will support unemployment if you leave. If the job is affecting your mental health this is due to no fault of your own and unemployment will pay but not if you quit. Look up disability specifically mental health and find out how your protected there are also local organizations that can guide you.

Kevin Jacobs-bey

There are laws but no money to fight, one finds themselves waiting for a government agency to investigate another government agency

Kevin Jacobs-bey

I been in the same situation. First I was falsely accused by a hospital staff in 2015. I returned to the same hospital in 2016. Because I question the hospital decision to discharge my client. Days later I WAS verbally informed of the alleged allegations. I also told them where and why the report made And to investigate the hospital allegations, because if the alleged allegations were true, Why would they release the child in my care. I also told them to ask the foster parents. First the employer tried to put me on leave and use my personal leave. The union intervene, and I was placed on PAID ADMINISTRATION LEAVE, and all were well. Note during the initial meeting I asked prior to the contract to renew interment FMLA..THREE DAYS LATER JOB REQUESTED MY FMLA PAPERWORK. BECAUSE I HAD NOT COMPLETED THE ASSESSMENT OF THERE REQUEST. THE CONTRACT WAS BROKEN AND I WAS PLACED ON F.MLA. WHILE I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY MONEY OR DOCUMENTS OF THE ALLEGED ALLEGATIONS. EEOC HAS ACCEPTED MY CASE OF DISCRIMINATION AND UNFAIR TREATMENT
I WAS DENIED EXCESS TO THE EMPLOYEE LEAVE BANK WHICH I BEEN A MEMBER OF 15 years. There's much more but I was given the options to resign or be terminated. I submitted my letter that I had no intention of resigning. Etc.I was told that if I resign, I will be in good standing and could get another job in a different departments. I have been going through this treatment for years.
Because of the largest corporate employer and no financial support.
Waiting for EEOC I was forced to early retirement.

Brian Stanley

If the job is as bad as suggested. You have every reason and the motivation to find another. Consider looking at your situation as though you are in fact on unemployment and you have 5 months left before it runs out. You have just set a time frame and a goal. In other words maintain your employment, pay check and your good standing. Nothing worse then to achieve your desired goal of being fired then having to dredge up the same issue at every interview. Easier to say you are looking for new opportunities and are still employed. You will find it possible to let go of all the negative stuff once you look ahead. We have all been in a situation where we feel slighted in some way. Holding on to that argument will color every opportunity that comes your way. Ease up on yourself and get busy with a job search. Unemployment is not the cure all for what ails. you.

Tim Durpos

Document the harassment you can record the person as long as it's not on the telephone get a go pro wear it around u our neck

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A fellow Jobcaser

Keep the job,and keep looking for another one,because If you quit,you won't get the help with unemployment,again go to an employment agency,but don't tell any of the companies your appling for,what's going on,you don't want to give them any reasons to use against you,good luck,and keep your head up.

Cynthia Montgomery

Contact an attorney and the employment development department

Kirsten Hefner

Always quit! You can explain that a way. There is no excuse for a fire.

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Rhonda, write down all incidents, verbal or physical etc. time and dates, better if you have witnesses because this will enforce your case that much more and make it easier to win but all the same. When you contact Employees Equal rights thru your local Employment Office you'll be prepared, usually the employer will have nothing or won't remember the incident which will be to your advantage, believe me. I helped my wife sue her former employer and it's really not that difficult like most people think, when employers 'Screw Up' they can't go back and fix it. Don't be afraid, Crack the whip on these Sons of Bitches! Employers prey mostly on women because they think they will keep quiet, don't you do that, Fight back and Kick some Ass. Employers are afraid of Employees Equal Rights Organization..

Susan Gorsline

I would look into short term disability. Stress and anxiety is usually a covered diagnosis. I have worked with friends in the past, who have had harassing mgrs and finally ended up going on stress related medical leave.

Nisey Washington

I would NOT quit or get fired. I would go 2 the doctor and explain the events over the last 2 yrs. Explain how this has effected you physically and mentally. The doctor can take you off work for stress and you then collect disability $. Disability pays more than unemployment. While on disability look 4 another job. When you get the job tell the doctor that you are going bac 2 work but @ a new job.

Lori Davis

I can't give very much advice since I'm only on my third job and I'm still fairly young.
But I'd say look for a new job, and once you find and get one, quit in a professional manner. Don't be like me and walk out in the middle of the day calling your boss a bitch (long story.) It's very bad on resumes, and makes for awkward encounters.
Other than that... I'd say follow the advice others have given.

James Phillips

I don't know the answer to this. I've never been in a situation like yours. Maybe checking the local legal aid office might help you

Kyle Blake

If you are unsafe contact your HR or a lead or even a co-worker and document specifics.

Matthew Lesniewski

go find job while u work there.
wear mask all time report file to osha need to investigate ..

if u re fired u gonna have hard time dealing with resume and reference for interview new job u gonna find how hard this gets ..

Martha Harrell

If you could get on at a temp agency that might be one way to quickly get more work.

Matthew Stephens

If you put in a 2 weeks notice and they fire you. You can draw unemployment

Susan Crossett

if it is effecting your mental and physical well being it isn't worth it. I just went through the same thing. toxic hostile work environment after being off 5 months on disability I went back, lasted 6 weeks. decided nope not worth it, this job is not going to be the last thing I remember, it was causing chronic stress which caused my blood pressure to raise I was up to 3 bp pills a day plus one emergency,. I left November 18th prayed about it all weekend, went to dr on Monday 21st- company wanted me to do that because dr put a 9 hr restriction on my release and they wanted me to work 10-14! bp was up at dr office. . the next day I just called and quit. God will provide. and temp agency's pay 12-18$ an hr. get on there while you are looking. go9d luck

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As someone said document it. Another thing to remember is cell phones have voice recorders and if the work environment is unsafe call district or hr

Michael Arbor

I was in the same situation as you are. The job I had was affecting my physical and mental well-being and the employees working there were careless. It was a very dangerous place to work. I documented everything, contacted OSHA and reported the violation anonymously, contacted my doctor, and they took me off work for 1 month due to the stress that the job was causing. I filed a report with the company, they told me that I would not be paid while on leave. So I filed for unemployment while on medical leave. After 2 weeks, the fired me. I was initially denied the unemployment due to being fired, but was granted an appeal. I presented the evidence I had gathered at the appeal showing that the environment was unsafe and that I had taken a leave for medical reason at the recommendation of my doctor., and won the appeal. Keep everything you do within legal ranges and document every incidence. I even took pictures and made copies of reports showing that the machinery they had me operating was unsafe. Not only did I win the appeal, but the fallout from this situation brought light to the dangerous environment and caused the company to completely restructure their processes.

maurice v. Echols

I would put it out there. If you go to court it would be out there. Someone might come forward and back you up. It could happening to someone rules and they can back your story up. You can get some justice for Your abuse from them, but be careful some of these companies play dirty to protect their ass. It sound like something off Law and Order. Just watch back and be careful.

Donald FeldhouseUsflag

Rhonda Davis ..'Double?' Too many people, too many companies are worshipping their 'god' ... MONEY! Good luck.

Mike Murray

I would look for a job to replace your current job. Once you have a new job then you can quit your current one.

Ignacio Granados

I know the feeling, some times and for some reasons you just can't stand a situation any more, and it's really unfair to be at the street without any income for being a good worker. But the problem is in our mentality, and we need to understand that life and reality is never about fairness nor security, it's about the power, as the ability and the possibility to do or not what we need to do. I have losses a lot of good jobs because my inability to bear bad management and right now I'm facing something like that, but I think I'm developing that very important skill now. If you just don't want to face the situation it's you who have a problem and it's you who need to solve it. My recommendation is to be strong, try to remain and be as good as you are, because it's about you and not about them. If you don't want (and you have the right to) then be strong and look while working. If you do the other way around it will be wrong and it's still about you, not them, you need to be yourself and not allow people to push you in the wrong direction. I'm not moralizing, I'm trying to cope my self with a situation like that and relying on my own experience for that. Good look.

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As said before. Best to just start looking for a new job. But as employees, we all have rights too. Discrimination is a big no, no and there are agencie employers like that should be reported to. Just remember, HR isn't there for the employee. But the well being the company. Proceed to them with caution of that the route you decied to go. Best of luck!

John Ridenhower

I used to work for an private employment agency. Many of my clients were in your situation. Register with an employment agency or search firm. or two. Assuming you have job skills most employers will pay the agency fee for you.

A person is in a vastly superior position to be changing jobs while they are still employed than out of work. It changes the entire dynamic of the job search. Right off the bat it put a prospective employer in the position of having to compete for your services.

Most prospective employers will offer you an increase in your current salary to induce you to come to work for them.

Not so when you are out of work. when It is take it or leave it time.

Getting yourself fired to draw unemployment is a risky idea.

Not only does it give you bad references, but if you don;t find a job as quickly as you think, you could hurt yourself financially or have to take a worse job than you started with,

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Yes you can collect unemployment

Talisha Harper

Keep a log of everything that is going on and report it to EEO,But don't quite you will not be able to collect UIB

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Just so you don't get discouraged I took on a multimillion company, and I won in my favor and every time they lost they would try to appeal and they screwed themselves. By lying on tape during unemployment hearings. My story never changed but there's changed 3 times.... Don't be scared of them big corporations.... Most are trying to screw over what would have been their best employees.... And best bet let them fire you .... My reason behind this is because they had a felon which was drugdealing in the workplace and come to find out that the company was aware of the drugs. But because I'm against drug use in work they fired me.... And over 90% of the work is government contracts....

Orlando Rivera

Which company is this? Maybe is my previous workplace...

William Agnew

Good one, Orlando! I think I worked there, too! haha

Chantenique Hall

To be honest I would look for a new job I understand exactly how you feel I am dealing with the same scenario as you right now with my job. From experience do not leave with out a plan B . years ago I left my job without having a plan. Filled for unemployment got the money then my job filled against me because in the unemployment terms and conditions it's considered job abandonment and I had to pay back all the money unemployment they have given to me. it took me ten months to look for a job as well. Its hard but management don't understand that the negative energy they put into a work place destroys our mental and physical ability to perform on the job processionally and have a positive attitude about the job.

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Make an audio recording first then take it to the labor board and report what is happening mental duress.

Jason Brown

it's just depends on if you want to use this job as a reference because last thing you want to do is give them a reason to bad mouth you. The thing with unemployment is its way to easy to get use to doing nothing and getting paid for it. Pending on your life style I'd avoid it if possible.

Ken Mason

Find new position first. Then give a 2 week notice to your current employer. If not then give a 2 week notice an quit. Tell EDD you left because of health issues of a toxic work enviorement. Be prepared to give EDD a very detailed explanations of the physical effects of your work enviroment. Chances are good they will pay your EDD funds other wise the penalty for being fired id 6 week delay in funds. plus 1-2 weeks processing

A Smith

Be careful. You don't want to get fired. Even though most companies will only give job titles and dates of employment there are informal
Channels where this type of information is shared. Remember, if you say you quit because of the treatment you were receiving, you will immediately raise red flags. You need to get out of this with your reputation unscathed.

Look for another job while you are working and quit when you get one.

San Dee

Do they treat anyone else this poorly? You could always speak with them, if there is more people having the same problem it will be harder for them to weasle their way out of it. I wish you the best of luck

Douglas Berman

Good question, that is a question that you need to talk with the Department of Labor or possibly a lawyer.

Mitzie Young

File a EEOC complaint

Cindy Medford

I was fired and I get unemployment. But it is a little tricky and it also depends on the laws in your state. I live in Houston, Tx and I was fired frankly because my boss wanted me to work on promoting his business during my personal time. When I applied for unemployment, I told them I was fired because the job was not a good fit. Sited an example of it... and was granted benefits when my employer said that It was not going to work out regarding her skills.

I don't think he thought I could collect UE being fired. When he found out, he appealed the unemployment decision and changed the reason I was fired to incredibly poor use of time and mismanagement of company equipment. Far cry from what he ORIGINALLY said. Well, I won the appeal because he did not bother to show up for the appeal hearing that HE filed for. But he had to change the reason I was fired so I would be denied because in Texas you are eligible for unemployment if you are fired for a reason other than misconduct. So... if they do not have a papertrail of write ups or verbal warnings.... you may have a decent chance of winning Unemployment if you are here in Texas. They have to prove that you did something wrong. Again.. I don't know the laws where you are... but this is what I experienced. I hope this helps. Also... I hope you get out of that atmosphere. The job that I referenced in this post was VERY similar. It was a very hostile environment. If you were not licking the owners boots... you were a bad employee. I will give another example so you know it is not just a poor pity me thing. There is an employee whose wife had a baby two weeks before I started. And the owner expressed more than one time to me in private that he was annoyed that this same employee was not going home and working on his skills on a program we used at work. He actually even said in my separation statement that he asked me what I was doing during my PERSONAL time (nights, weekends and holidays) to better familiarize myself with my job. Well... nothing. My personal time is my personal time and while it may impede my growth... it should have no bearing on my current position. So... I know how you feel about being in a toxic work environment. And it sucks because since you have been there so long... you really kinda have to put them on your resume. I hope you are able to get out of there with your sanity.

Keep us informed.