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Quit or Get Fired?

I hope this isn’t an inappropriate question to ask on this site but how can I get fired and still collect unemployment? I urgently need to leave the job where I’m at now. The toxic work environment, discrimination, and verbal abuse I get from management everyday is starting to affect my physical and mental well-being. I know proving this in a workplace discrimination lawsuit is practically impossible because these big companies are protected and have unlimited resources to contest an allegation like this if it gets to court. and if I’ll zero options for benefits or severance money if I quit. So after a 2 years working here I’ll have nothing to show for it but pain and resentment. I just need to secure some type of income while I look for another job. Would you have any suggestions how I can get out of this job and still collect unemployment?


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Hey, Rhonda check this out: It takes 6 weeks to collect unemployment plus stating what happened at work. You need a legal reason why your company fired you. Bosses are like children they yell or vent their problems to an employer who listens well. If you are like many others you are like their own mother but you do not treat your boss or co-worker like a child. You are an asset to your company. Unless you made no reports on any employees or bosses to the Labor Department this will not be accepted as a get out of my job more like an excuse.
I started work for K-Mart back in 1971 and I had some bosses that just loved themselves but hated their jobs.
Suggestion: Find another job first, then write a letter to your company stating that you need to transfer your benefits to another company. People change. Before you go to your new job find out a few things: Are your current benefits portable(can you take them with you). Get with your person who handles your current company insurance cause if you have a retirement package like a 401K then an appointment to transfer that retirement package is a must when finding a new job. Have your company write a letter stating your skills. That is a plus toward your new job. An excellent employee is one who is a good listener not a critic. Instead of telling them how negative they are send them a letter thanking them for helping you make the transfer easier. Keep your personal comments to yourself. Give yourself that edge so your current company can help you make the change a better one. Remember to give yourself that extra time to transfer from one company to another. Give them two to four weeks ahead of time for leave time. Cleaning out your desk, get another employee to help you.
I have been there many times for the past 30 years. Change with the times. Don't quit just transfer. Your own anger made you upset. Only you stayed up late thinking about this situation. Believe it or not you were just tired and trying to find a way out of a job you have been wanting to leave for a long time. Me too. Start saving your money now and stop complaining and making yourself sick. Give yourself many chances to change yourself. Start a goal sheet, find that job. Get with your company and have them help you with insurance, retirement package and other benefits. If no one will help you contact this blog and have someone send you the info. Your Human Resources department should help you. Better yet, make an appointment to get a massage. Good Luck. S Ball

Aamir Hodari

Apply for higher jobs in that company starting with your supervisor and seek EEEOC help for discrimination if refused also looking outside of course but research the company for secrets it's a dirty game

Steve Millner

Rhonda, if your health is in that big of jeopardy, talk to HR and the BIG managers about your issue, maybe you can get a leave of absence from them while you looks for another job, or at least an amicable separation from their employment, where they can give a letter of recommendation and will not contest your unemployment, do not stoop to the level of those involved and start throwing your performance just to get fired, document your health decline with professional sources, Doctor's and psychologists, document every incident you are involved in, make sure you have witnesses to their actions to cohobate then file a harassment suite. BUT do nothing that can be documented as disruptive to your job or coworkers.
I know your in pain and loathe your current situation but persevere through it, it will make you stronger, and as some one once said, We are never given more then we can handle, even if we don't know our limits.

Denise Catlyn

Sorry you are going through this dilemma. However, I would not come to work and if they ask you why you are not at work. You tell them because you are being bullied by your manager and your are afraid and you're depress. I would go down to the labor board and make a complaint. Make sure you take notes of all incidents that transpired at work dates and times. Best Wishes and keep God first in your life.

Derrick Rogers

Morning Rhonda, sorry I'm just responding to your post. However in a situation of this state, I personally would allow my work hours to be shortened . That will be one way to collect unemployment, being fired is really not a good option in this. Now in most states when someone is fired then they will receive unemployment benefits based on being terminated. In the case of your discrimination claim, bring a small recorder the size of an ink pen. Record the conversation and verbally explain to them that you are recording, as soon as the conversation starts. I incourage you to contact your corporate office and ask for your employee relations department. That's if your employer have a corporate office. In the mean time continue your search for a better employment future.

            Wish you well in your future endeavors!
                                          D. Rogers
Jill Kerber

better to find a new job while you still have one. Advice from an higher up.

Erica Jones

Have you discussed any of this with a Dr.? Is there an option for your doctor to place you on medical leave and does your state offer temporary disability benefits? If you're mental and physical health are being challenged, I would suggest you look into this.

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Well I would contact Human Resources of the situation and request meeting with the person or person that need address the situation but don't quit until you find other after the meeting

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don't know what kind of work you do. but I worked in call center and one day I, like you, had enough. I was not rude, and genuinely tried to help this person who gave me NO info to work with and of course all sup's were gone for the day. well they didn't like how I handled the call and said they couldn't trust me anymore--whatever. I had always gotten great reviews about how good I was on the because they couldn't really fire me for my performance since I really did nothing wrong-- I got unemployment. but be forwarned..its not all its cracked up to be....your better off looking for a job and just leaving this one. You might start complaining to supervisors about stuff and they'll either fix it or then the problem is it makes you look like YOU cant get along with people......think about that too. oh and I was there 5 yrs....

Greg garrett

Get a lawyer i just went through that i sued and won

Elaine Boyle

Get a lawyer who specializes in work related cases.

marcelle simpson

Wow my advise is don't quit unless you have something lined up already. If you quit you i know it's going to be extremely hard to collect an unemployment. Start job searching with urgency, but at the same time don't ever jeopardize your health for no company. While you're there get breathing mask,good breathing mask so you won't feel so ill.I pray that you find great opportunity for you to leave and be successful in what you do. Health always comes first you know the words you live to see another day. God bless you on your journey.

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As long as you have proof. I would file. No matter how big a company is with proof theres no way of getting around not making sure you are sacure until you find a job. I will say this though what ever company you file on they usually don't wAnt you to come back to work with any of there brothers or sisters. Meaning the businesses they one like that one

Rodimak Lori

Getting fired is how yo get unemployment unless your fired for insubordination. Quitting, no unemployment.Unless you quit for a great reason. Resigning with 2 weeks notice, penalty probably. Then again you probably had a job if you did that Why not look for a job while you are at this job so you can just leave and forget unemployment.

I had one of those jobs where you cry when you walk through the door because you can feel the tense crap feeling in the air. I just looked for a job ate the crap and held on until finally they fired me after20 years. Nice right? And damn skippy I collected unemployment forever because it was 2008 and you got like 9000 weeks of it. Since i got a decent amount I looked for a job just slower.

Linda Hanks

You can't do something to get fired because any action you take would likely result in being fired with cause. Ultimately you need to find another job and it is easier to find another Jon while you are gainfully employed. Once you quit or get terminated finding a new position becomes more difficult. Unless you have strong evidence of discrimination you can't file a hostile work environment complaint with the department of labor. I know you stated your issues are with management have you gone to hr? If you haven't gone to HR to file a formal complaint than the corporations off the hook. That's your first step file a complaint with HR and see if something can be done to remedy your current situation each new incident file a new complaint. Get documentation witnesses etc... That way if your complaints end up with you being terminated you can show unemployment you tried to save your job and fix the situation as long as you can show that you will get unemployment.

Lisa Nicoletta

Try. Secretly recording them treating you like that. Its leverage. They have no right abusing their employees. You can turn them in but not sure how to go about doing that. Human Resources will never back you up. I feel bad.good luck to you.

Linda Hanks

It depends on state laws whether she can record or not and often even in states where it is allowed sometimes the recording picks up conversations the recorder is not party too and they end up breaking laws. Recording always has to be done cautiously and with state statutes in mind.