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Quit or Get Fired?

I hope this isn’t an inappropriate question to ask on this site but how can I get fired and still collect unemployment? I urgently need to leave the job where I’m at now. The toxic work environment, discrimination, and verbal abuse I get from management everyday is starting to affect my physical and mental well-being. I know proving this in a workplace discrimination lawsuit is practically impossible because these big companies are protected and have unlimited resources to contest an allegation like this if it gets to court. and if I’ll zero options for benefits or severance money if I quit. So after a 2 years working here I’ll have nothing to show for it but pain and resentment. I just need to secure some type of income while I look for another job. Would you have any suggestions how I can get out of this job and still collect unemployment?


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I'd suggest just starting looking for a new job and when you find one you can quit this job

Philip Liquori

Depending on the State you reside in there are a number of ways to qualify for unemployment compensation, check with your State Labor Department or website for details. As an example, a friend of mine had to quit his job because he developed severe allergies to the building he was assigned to. Since the firm could not relocate him, they did not object to his quitting and receiving unemployment.

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There is one option, see your doctor and if he determines the job is determental to your health and mental state.

I personally know a person who had the doctor write a letter stating that they wouldn't be able to physically due manual labor. They were a volunteer coordinator who only assigned rooms, assigned volunteers work assignment and perform minor office work.

She was able to leave the job with pay.

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A fellow Jobcaser

I'm not in the business of advising people on how to get fired. Its kind of the opposite reason of JobCase. If you're this unhappy, start looking for another job. That is the best thing to do, in my opinion. I'm sorry you're in a toxic work enviornment. I just don't think 'trying' to get fired is where your focus should be.

Karen Dikty

I too had this same situation and when I quit the HR rep told me to state hostile work environment which I did and was approved for unemployment benefits. Also, I have been told if you get fired you do not get any unemployment benefits.

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Don't quit. If toxic, report it to epa and or a job is worth your health!!! Document EVERYTHING. Report them also to department of labor...ya gotta have PROOF! Good luck..try lawyer 1st..seriously!

John Farley

Get a new job, then quit the current one.

Pete Fischer

Money wise it's best to keep working while looking for another job. I was receiving unemployment pay but that is now ended and I'm still looking for work. I know environment sucks but we just have to live with it. I text a friend in Australia and it's the same problem there, no work.

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A fellow Jobcaser

You need to call your states unemployment office. I know in mine if you quit the unemployment benefits are delayed for a period of time then full benefits are given. This may be the bridge to a new position. As to the allegations you make, proper documentation will always tip the scale in favor of the employee......

Steven Ortiz

These companies will do anything not to pay u unemployment... same issue with me my old job was causing me anxiety.. i went to theropist and psychotrist had doctors notes and still they didnt want to pay eventually i just gave up and found a better job. Its not worth it all the stress u go thru for not even half ur check... good luck though

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You can also record any abuse, altercation, or discrimination by your superiors- And that serves as point to be entitled to unemployment - you just need to be discreet about it

Michael Reed

Some places you can still get unemployment if you quit your job. The key is to always be honest and accurate and specific when applying for unnemployment. It will be difficult and stressful, but remember, honesty will save you. An investigation will be initiated, you may be ddenied at first, likely actually. Persevere & stick to it, appeal and this will work out the best it can. Good luck

Tim Tennant

Sounds like you should talk to the labor board about the discrimination you mentioned. As for the verbal abuse - this is known as a hostile work environment and the labor board frowns on that as well.

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Just like jobs need documentation to fire an employee. It is good to start documenting your hostile work environment.
I agree with the other advice. Just start looking for another job is the best advice.
I know someone YEARS ago that was pregnant and had the same situation. She had a history of miscarriages and a very unsympathetic boss. She started showing signs of miscarriage and was looking for another job and ran across
a workmens compensation ad. She actually won her case. Received payments while pregnant and compensation when the case was won. She truly had a legitimate Job Stress case. The problem with just a job stress case with or without physical symptoms (such as for example, an ulcer which can be proved or headaches which are harder to prove) is that filing a case such as that may carry a stigma that might follow you throughout your job hunting future.
Why just moving on may be a better route. But knowing you have options isn't a bad thing if you truly have a legitimate cause.

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You should file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employer they will handle the case for you.....employers are being fined hefty fines no reason they treat anyone unfairly

Jill Wells

From experience I would encourage you to look for another job quickly and secure that before you leave. Leaving employment with a gap in work history is very difficult to find another job.

Tim Durpos

I'd record it on your phone

David McFarlane

Quit your job and let them challenge you at Dept.of Unemployment.You will win !!!! You Employer will be a no show !!!

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My husband and I both experienced things similar to this. In my case, I was able to document some actual workplace bullying due to a Forbes article I found by chance that outlined what it is and how it's often manifested. Both of us - different jobs, different years - were let go but were able to receive unemployment compensation because we carefully documented what led up to being let go, and we were careful to keep all our emotions out of the appeals process (yes, we were initially denied). We experienced quite a bit of anxiety over the process but for both of us, it was considerably less than we'd experienced at work. In my husband's case, the company later had to pay him for unpaid wages as well, due to a Labor Board complaint that was filed, and for which he had considerable documentation.

John MacKay

Unfortunately work environments like this have become too common. Where I live there are jobs but 50 to 100 applicants for one opening. Personally
I now subcontract my services out to more than one company. Just another way to look at this if it applies to you. Do not look to get fired. This does not look good in future. Good luck.