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New Shoes!!

I’ve recently gotten a job in an office setting, and I’m worried that I don’t have the clothes to look professional. I know WHAT to wear (no leggings!). But in order to GET professional clothes I NEED money - so how can I dress to impress before getting my first paycheck (which might be about three weeks away…) Help! I’m not sure what to do, especially about shoes since they can be more expensive if you want them to look good… any tips on how to bend the dress code in an office setting?? What’s the minimum requirement for looking professional?


Shaylee Cole

I had the same issue. I had received a promotion at a Retail job for the Fine Jewelry counter. I garage sale in the summer and shop a few of the local thrift stores. I find a lot of Banana Republic and New York and Company items..both stores of which I like their professional attire but my budget won't allow. Try adapting basics..pick up a few nice quality pieces and mix them up with generic brands.

but overall remember *****Focus on fit. It doesn't matter what brand but that it fits 'properly' then the quality of material. No reason to invest in something that is faded in a few washes or looks too large- too small.

Shaylee Cole

Another thing..if you don't have ANY extra money to help out until your paycheck.. Check with your family/ friends that run your size. Host a clothing exchange... **each bring a few items causal and professional to exchange [shoes accesseries etc..]and switch up wardrobes. I did this before and we all appreciated it.

William Agnew

Hi Jessica!
Go to a Goodwill and explain your situation to the manager. While the clothing is not new, some is Like new! They should give them to you, no charge. Good luck and congratulations on your new job!

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Hello jessica, ive looked up some programs for you. So you can go to, angel help network.. And what they do is donate clothes to help women like yourself. With shoes i found mine at wal- mart for five dollars great deal they mactch everything and any outfit you might wear.. But i have to say, there not made for winter wear, so what i would do is wear your boots or shoes to work and once you get there, change your shoes, in the car or office.. Until you can afford better shoes, but they do match any outfit, weather i be a dress, suit, dress pants. They will match and here are some other suggestions for clothes, dress for success, These are things you can Google. I hope i was able to help you and good luck. Congrats on the new job!!