Ashley Wilson
over 6 months ago

Now that the job fair is over it is time to follow up!

So, whether you jotted the employer’s email address down in a notebook or have it on a card make sure to reach out. If you did neither don't worry, you can go to the company's website and look for the hiring manager's email. Once you have found their email (or address) follow up with a friendly email, or even send a quick thank you card in the mail. Don’t laugh, it’s the little things that can set you apart.

Remember that employers have met and spoken to MANY people at the fair, so it’s unlikely they will automatically remember you. If you had a good conversation, make note of something you discussed. Perhaps you both love and own Golden Retrievers or you enjoy going snowboarding. Whatever you can say to make that personal connection in their brain is worth mentioning again! I am a huge believer in making things personal : )

Just be careful not to make your follow up too casual. Go to the employer’s website and find specific positions that you could apply to or you know you are interested in and mention that in your follow up as well. Be sure to tie your skill sets to match the open position's qualifications.

Ideally, you should follow up within two-three days after the job fair but no later. So now is the time!

Here is what a sample follow up could look like:

Hello Mr. Santos,

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the job fair this past (insert day of the week) at (the location)! I can’t believe that we both went to the same high school and had Mrs. Belmont for third grade! What a small world, isn’t it?

I would love the chance to speak to you a bit more about the (name the title you’re interested in) position. I feel that I would make an outstanding candidate for that role because I (link your qualifications to the role and mention at least 3 things that support why they should hire you).

I look forward to doing great things for (company name) Mr. Santos. I have attached my resume for your convenience and hope to speak with you soon.

Please have a wonderful rest of your week!

Best, (Your name)

We here at Jobcase wish you the best of luck landing the job! : )