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Andrea Joseph
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Office Assistant at Price Point Furniture

I am doing a video interview for Virgin America today and I'm struggling with some of the interview questions. Tell me about yourself has always been a hard one for me for some reason. Can anyone help me? I really want this position as a flight attendant.

over 6 years ago
Anthony Harrington
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IT Business Analyst

"Tell me about yourself" is really just a primer question that leads into the other more meaningful questions It is a way to get you started talking.

Keep it a few sentences, keep it lighthearted and minimally personal.

Start with stating your first and last name Briefly tell them how many years experience you have in industries that can benefit your potential employer Warp it up with a personal tidbit about yourself, but nothing too deep.

For example, I looked at your profile, and this would be a grwt snippet for your answer:

"My name is Andrea Joseph, I live in Murfreesboro, TN and I have over 4 years of exceptional customer service. It is my personal belief that the customer is the reason I am here. I am driven by a passion to succeed, a desire to elevate the customer experience, and to form mutually beneficial relationships between the customer and the company serving them."

Then at the end, tell them something about your personal life, maybe a hobby you have.

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