Mariam A Green

I came to America from Africa. Went to school, finished my MBA but do not have any working experience in America. So I get interviewed by a big company in fort wayne. I believed the interview went great but at the end I started feeling terrible. I was asked whether i love working in a team or not. My answer was yes I love working in a team and i even gave examples related to my past work experience. But after answering that, the interviewer said, they need someone who is independent. Then they asked me where i see myself in 5 years time. This is what i said " in 2 to 3 years, I see myself becoming a true expert and master at this position in your company. I plan to really immerse myself in this position, understand the areas that need to be improved, discover the ins and out of the business then also look for opportunities to make my team and department as efficient as possible. Then in 5 years time, I see myself extending my expertise in different departments through applying my skills and knowledge obtained from my role". The interviewer replied, no way you would wish to extend your expertise, u just need to stay in that position or maybe go for a receptionist job. Wowwwwww I felt terrible, coz the position I was being interviewed for was in credit, but trying to lower me down made me feel terrible. I asked them what major skills are they looking at, for someone to take the position, the interviewer told me all they need is someone with great computer skills. I told them my first degree is in Information Technology and am also well vast with most excel functions. Wow the interviewer just looked at me, then i asked if there a chance of me getting the job, wow the interviewer reminded me how I dont experience in America and that i need to much training. Really felt horrible. I am wondering how i can get experience in America if companies feel they dont want to hire you. The interviewer never seemed like a true person coz he seemed against everything I was saying.

almost 3 years ago
Rhonda Wilson

Maybe they felt threatened because you had such high goals and aspirations and weren't even hired yet. I know you want to show enthusiasm. You may want to tone it down a bit. This is a different culture and there is much learning to do to assimilate. Most people have a hard time with "different and change". I am a new hire on-boarding trainer at my company. I do see new hires come in with such high aspirations only to be dashed in a very short time. In part by fellow employees. Because they feel these people are there to steal their jobs. Or That they are too cocky and trying to tell people with 20 years experience how to do their job. That is why I say to tone it down. Absorb what others tell you and this will help you to fit in and be accepted. Slowly after acceptance then you can start to let some of your enthusiasm bubbly out a little bit at a time.