TerryJean Fuller
over 6 months ago

Upcoming Job Fair

Haven't been in the interviewing circuit for over 10 years. I figure a job fair is a good way to start. Im excited to get that one on one with many places quickly. Any tips or helpful hints?

Lenin Pina

Hi TerryJean Fuller , job fairs are excellent venues to refine your interview and networking skills! Here are some suggestions:

Elevator Pitch this is a common suggestion but an extremely important one. You will have roughly under one minute to make an unforgettable impression on recruiters (depending on the job seeker attendance at the job fair). Within that time you will need to briefly outline your education/career background, identify the qualities that make you a rock-star candidate for the job, and secure a follow-up interview meeting opportunity. Go online and search elevator pitch for samples and how-to guides on creating a groundbreaking elevator pitch.

Identify Key Employers get a list of employers attending the job fair and make a list of the top employers you want to speak with. Visit their website and social media pages and research for job openings, industry news, or trending events. Well informed job seekers always impresses hiring managers and recruiters! Get a map of the job fair area when you arrive and identify where those employers are located so you know exactly where to go when the event doors open.

Get Business Cards & take notes ask for business cards and note down anything special that gets mentioned during your conversation with recruiters. Re-mention those instances on your thank you follow up letter so recruiters can make an immediate mental connection and remember exactly who you are.

Remember, the key to a successful job fair is to establish memorable meeting experiences that will ultimately inspire or lead to interview opportunities. Keep us updated on your progress with your job search and at these events TerryJean Fuller . You Got This!