janie adkins
8 months ago


I worked at Cooper for about 6 yrs. I thought it was a good place to work, but my experience is they are basically making me choose between my child and my job. They treat there employees like they are robots. What I mean is working them 6-7 days a week some 10 hours a day and some 12 hours a day. In my opinion, they don't care whether you have a family, your family is Cooper and to them that is your life. They say they are about safety. I laugh at that cause, they don't care if someone is hurt from a job, what I mean is, rotation is what they are suppose to do, but don't same thing day in and out. And that's where the injuries happen and working with no rest. Some individuals haven't had a day off since the new year. To me Cooper don't care one bit about people, just money. I understand they are out to make money, but without their employees, they treat like crap, there would be no money to make. I would never recommend Cooper standard automotive to anyone looking. Yes, the money is good, but not ever choosing over your family.

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