Lisa Cornell

Is it ok to take a day off from looking for a job? A day to just relax from searching daily?

The answer is: YES!

We all know how stressful it can get looking for a job especially as time goes on. It's sometimes even more stressful than an actual job. If you don't take time every so often to relax and destress yourself this can very well creep up on you in an interview.

We get days off from work to relax from the day to day stresses there. We can take a day off from looking also. We can take a day and take care of ourselves so we don't end up getting sick from the stress we are feeling due to searching for a job. We are better able to handle things when we are less stressed and clear headed.

A few things you can do to destress are: 1: Get lost in a new book. There are plenty of books to take you to a new place or to learn something new! 2: Take a stroll in a park, down the boardwalk if you live near a beach. Get out into nature, it's an amazing how your whole outlook can change just by taking in nature. 3: Grab some paper and crayons and draw. It doesn't matter what you draw and color, just have fun! If you have young kids draw and color with them. Can anyone say "Yes.... cool parent award"? 4: Light some candles or turn on your wax melter. Grab a cup of tea and just be still in the moment. Put your worries out of your mind.

I could go on but I won't as I don't want to make this to long of a post.As always many blessings to you all.

about 4 years ago
Ashley Wilson

Hi Lisa Cornell I couldn't agree more that you NEED to take breaks because job seeking can become very stressful. If you don't take a break every once and awhile you can easily become frustrated or overwhelmed! Great tips ; )