Okay, here is the scenerio, had a positive interview with an hr person at the local target, thought it went well, she told me that I would hear from them 5 days from the interview, okay so i get home and she didnt hesitate to send me a rejection email not even a half hour after my interview, what gives, I think I have been black listed by my old employeer, kohl's dept store, I am just trying to get a job, and I am really fed up with the bullshit, how do I find out, I was terminated from my work after being there for 20years, but I found out after the fact that it was a set up, my district manager, Gary wingert, wanted me gone, heard that it was related to me calling corporate, ie whistle blower, I just want a fair chance at a job,so can I find out if I am black listed? ?? Can I pursue this? ?please I need feedback, ,,!!!! Love you! Thanks! !!

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