Ashley Wilson
over 6 months ago

Do you remember this?

When I was fourteen I remember that teenage longing for my own money. The kind that you didn’t need to borrow from your cousin, or have to ask your parents for. It was just yours because you had earned it. There was no online job seeking when I was an early teen because well, there was no internet, so I went door to door raking my neighbor’s lawns for a small fee. It’s hard to imagine those days now, but they did exist and the world of job seeking has changed so rapidly and continues to do so every day.

I was fortunate yesterday to have the opportunity to partner with the Red Sox Foundation where a few of my co-workers and I were able to assist their teenage scholar program participants. We helped many teens write their first resumes, edit existing ones, and reviewed job-seeking tips together. We even helped them pinpoint some ideas of what exactly they want to do in their future careers.

It’s surprising to see teens as young as fourteen with resumes, as I did not have one until I was in college and immersed in the “real world,” but yet here they are ready to face it head-on at such a young age. I was thrilled to be there yesterday giving back and offering advice to those about to begin their journies. To see so much passion, tenacity, and drive in their eyes makes me hopeful for the future.

Det Gos

Yes, times I remember alwsys having steady sitting , cleaning ironing, typing or tutoring on side of school and college. What hapoen?