Oak Lo
over 6 months ago

My brother was fired on Friday and landed a new job on Monday.

From five resumes he sent out early on Monday morning, four lead to calls and one of the interviews he had later that day, brought him a new job. It might sound like a short fairy tale with a happy ending, but it isn't as mystical as it sounds. There was no luck, only a measured strategy and a good plan.

Hope this story will help you out!


Esther Pascal

That's great! Thanks for sharing

Genise Caruso

I'm going to start this off by saying this might not win me a popularity contest but I just have to say this. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer. I had to pass an extensive exam and even after that it still took me a good number of years to really excel at this craft. Resume writing is unlike any other form of writing. I thought I was pretty smart after going back to school at an uheard of age and graduating magna cum laude to be a technical writer. Yet, I still couldn't put together a decent resume to save my life. I did everything wrong. Anyway, now, 11+ years and probably some thousands of resumes later, I know what I'm doing and my clients get great results. It kind of bothers me when sites have a lot of information about writing your own resume and everyone thinks they can do this. Trust me, it is NOT easy. There are things I never even thought to consider. I hate it when clients come to me and their old resumes were done using templates.

I understand not everone had the money to afford having a professional resume writer produce their resume. However, in the long run the money saved from sending out bad resumes is probably worth it. I'm honestly not trying to plug my business or tell people to come hire me. At the same time it's sort of like any other trade. I would no sooner do my own plumbing or electrical work or be my own doctor. Yet there are so many sites promoting 'do your resume in 5 easy steps.' BS! It makes me a bit mad because people read this stuff and hop on the bandwagon and I can't make a living anymore. It's become a 'do it yourself' world. and has really gotten bad recently. I'm earning about 1/10 of what I was 3 - 5 years, yet I know a whole lot more! Just maybe some thing should be left to professionals? I don't know.....