Sarita Burnett
2 months ago

Thanks to all who shared their experience...

Thanks to all who shared their experience contacting their Congressman/women! I called Senior Ted Cruz's office today regarding a repayment of $4,689 for unemployment. My first call was answered within 3 rings, my second call was answered within 2 rings. The gentleman, answering the second call, took my information and told me to expect a call back. I don't know the outcome of my situation yet, but at least I wasn't on hold for an hour and a half, as I was when I tried to resolve my situation with the unemployment office.

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Lawrence White

Sounds like a great experience @Sarita Burnett , most of our members including Nevelyn Pollard have found more success with their unemployment claims after involving their local state representative assistance. I'm sure you claim status will improve when Mr. Cruz's team contacts the state department of Labor. Please keep us updated on your progress & thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. This information is valuable for other members still struggling to find resolution strategies for their pending claim. Have a Fantastic Weekend!