Richere Barbeau

I applied to Target about three days ago, and the next day I got a missed call (I don't normally pick up phone numbers that I don't recognize. If it's important I figure they'll just leave a voicemail) and they did leave a voicemail. It was from the HR department of Target saying they wanted to speak with me about my application. I called them back right away only for the girl to tell me that HR was on lunch break (and this was around 7:15 pm when they called). So the girl asked for my name and number and told me that HR would contact me the next day. For a good part of the day I didn't receive any phone calls so I called them back which was yesterday. The girl once again told me that they had gone on break, and the manager or whoever dealt with applications was not available to speak with me. She said to call back again in 45 mins. I call a second time. The phone kept ringing and no one picked up.

My sister advised me to not make myself look so desperate and wait patiently for them to call me. However, I am feeling anxious and feel that if I don't speak with someone from HR soon, that they'll feel I'm not serious about the position. I don't know what to do at this point. Also I have developed phone anxiety recently; I get so nervous talking with people over the phone especially when it means a potential job is on the line. Thanks in advance for your help!

over 5 years ago
Angie White White

Hello so did you call them back

Clara Gabrielli

First of all - take a deep breath! don't let yourself get all worked up. Then I would suggest you do call them again - if there was a specific person who gave their name in the voicemail, ask for that person specifically. If you don't have any luck again with the phone call, dress up nice and stop by in person. That way you can talk to someone and say you were having some trouble following up on a phone call you received. Remember - deep breaths! You've got this!