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Alfredo Marty
over 6 months ago

Just asking for a chance

hi my name is freddy. i have a felony conviction from 1996. i have no parole or probation. i am trying to get my cdl through tdi but i can only try if i can get a truck company to be willing to hire me as soon as i get my cdl. its not easy but im trying to get a company to say that they will hire me. all i wnt is to be given a chance to prove my sincerety and willingness to start my life clean and not let my past choices stop me from reaching a better life. on my felony somebody died because of my negligence but i took responsibility and did my time. I was 26 when this happened and Im 45 now. we all make mistakes and all im asking is for an opportunity to prove my sincerety and willingness for work. It seems all the applicastions ive filled as soon as they see that i have a past conviction dont even think twice in throwing my application away. but im not goig to give up or get overwhelmed. Im sure someone outthere knows of a truck company willing to give me a chance if i get my CDL license or any place where I can get a job. if anyone knows how to help my email is or 205-352-3040