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Internships for Medical Coding and Billing

I have just completed the Medical Coding and Billing program at my local college and I'm currently looking for Internships to gain some experience. I would like to get some guidance/experience under my belt before taking the certification exam. I have noticed that a majority of the open positions require at least 2 years of experience. I have yet to find any listings for internships in my area nor have I been able to connect with anyone (by word of mouth) who claim to need interns. I have talked to a couple of temp agencies about possible openings but to no avail. My next step is to approach the Urgent Care centers. My question is how can I market myself as a Medical Coder and Biller, with no experience, so that someone will give me the opportunity to work for them?


Penelope Calderon

Marketing yourself when you don't have the experience is all about what is your field of interest and why you are so passionate about it. A cover letter will truly come in handy for you. Use the skills you already to showcase that you are willing to learn and adapt to change.

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At this point u got to sell yourself to them! Go in there like u already got the job and tell them u are always willing to learn new things and u are sure they can teach u by working fot them! Good luck u will get a good job soon, be patient!

Sharon Joyner

Try looking into training hospitals, they normally take people right out of school or with minimal experience.

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Try to get your foot in the door under medical records technician jobs or even as a medical receptionist. That is what I did and then became a coder/biller.

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Rita, don't wait and let the time pass by before taking the exam. Take it now while the information is fresh in your mind. It also helps if you know someone in the medical field that can refer you as a very energetic, reliable, hard worker, team player, and works without supervision....that would be a truly asset to their company.

Kelli Smith

Apply for the jobs requiring experience, you never know when they may take a chance on you and how desperate they may be to fill their positions. As a coding coordinator, I would be more willing to take on an inexperienced employee to train than an intern that I am going to train and send them to someone else to be hired. Just my point of view.

Mitchell Harris

Haven't read other posts, but Medical Billing and coding jobs are usually telecommute jobs. Try and online agency like monster or flexjobs, there are many openings all over the country... good luck

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Check with the school you went to....most schools have externship placement.,or recommendation s of places you can apply to

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Have you tried looking on Indeed or LinkedIn? Or FlexJobs like another person here posted. Also check out Insurance companies they are usually looking for medical billing/coding people.

Greg Pochinski

I finished my course about 3 yrs ago; the best thing I found was to go back to my college and utilize their job placement center. You could also stop in clinics, private and public, also send out resumes even if they state, blah blah on the resume - Its a start - who knows what you'll find out there.

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Another possibility to look into would be yo contact a professional coding association to see if they offer any opportunities for internships. One is The Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists (PAHCS). They might be able to offer assistance to help you along.

Jack Nieporte

How about nursing homes retirement centers etc.

Lisa Booth

The school should be able to help you with that, but in order to do anything you are going to need the certification. Even if the add says you need experience apply any way

Lisa Booth

Your school should be able to help you with that. Before you do any job searching you will need that certification. Even if the job says you need experience apply anyway you never know.


Yes someone will give you a try. Just think positive, and things will work.the right person is coming up GOOD luck

Julia Thomas

I understand what youre going through. I have an associate degree in medical billinh and coding in 2010. No luck finding job in the field. Got certified in 2015. Still no luck finding a job. Now everyone with experience. So give me some

Sarah Spencer

Also, research the companies or healthcare facilities that you are interested in, try to get the name of the hiring manager and send a letter of interest along with your resume and transcript, they don't need to be hiring at the time. There is a lot of turn over, so when the time comes, they will have your info. The other suggestion about getting your foot in the door with a different position will give you a leg up when a coding position opens at the place you are already working.

Gwendolyn Ingraham

Try nursing homes