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Michael Carvalho
over 6 months ago

Have you received a Job Offer and Not sure if it is safe to return to work?

As a person who deals with this subject on a daily basis it’s not an easy choice. I can only speak for myself. Each morning knowing what it is i am facing, I show up. This is a choice not everyone can make. Lately, I noticed more co-workers are choosing not to show up. From my perception this is what I feel and think about it. I accepted the position for the amount of money they agreed to pay. I believe in staying safe and it isn’t easy to do? Walking the halls of a hospital can be scary at times. Seeing patients Lined up waiting to be checked for COVID-19. Not to mention the rude remarks you hear are called for whatever reason? First it is fighting with obtaining our #PPE, next being called from one place to the other, to a co-worker having a melt down? The medical field is not an easy job by no means. On top of it, you have to worry about bringing or catching the COVID-19 yourself? These are just few things that happen when I start of a day, Then the demands keep building up! Please keep in mind the medical staff are doing the best they can. Again speaking for myself it can cause a person to loose momentum from the start. I love what I do but it has been challenging for me. Sometimes, I say to myself am I really making a difference in my life? As you know the COVID-19 Epidemic has seen an upsurge in numbers and by the looks of it, it’s not slowing down anytime soon? Is it really hard to wear a face mask? Some say No others say Yes! Let me share a story with you that I witnessed in the hospital this past week. A family had a graduation gathering for their son. A party of 15 people were invited, 24 showed up and most wore a mask for the most part. Someone in the group was positive for COVID-19. Out of the 7 people who kept their mask on tested Negative, the remaining who took their mask off or didn’t wear one tested positive. 4 are in the hospital. Shocked by what I heard and disappointed how it could have been avoided? That is the results of not wearing a mask or wearing on? Sometimes we allow a moment to affect the outcome of a situation that could have been avoided? I will never know? While they were being treated another 50 plus are waiting. Being called unfit, lazy, are just a few comments while dealing with the patients. Then you see a child crying in pain, a parent comforted him while another is asking does any work around here? Nurses ready to cry, CNA’s running from one room to another. This one needs hot water, another needs a shower. I can’t find my remote to the TV? Light are on the bells are ringing and you hear code blue in room ... In the meantime no break, no time for a quick drink of water. And it’s off to the next patient. Doctors are run down, some haven’t had but 3 hours sleep. But yet they continue to treat the patients. HouseKeepers, boy they deserve praise! One call after another this one vomited please clean it? Five spills over their and did you clean all the rooms? You are running behind? No mention of a break or how’s your day? How’s the family? What family I only saw them for two hours the past two days? No time for a simple smile! This is just another day!

Ashley Wilson

Thank you for sharing this! It is VERY important to wear a mask when around anyone else. It's hard for some people to believe that COVID is so contagious but it certainly is!

Lynn Mcmahan

Thank you for all that you do every day! I am grateful and you are a hero and in my prayers!