Paul Roe
about 1 year ago

"The Job Hunt Game"

To make the story short, I will be brief on the introduction: I was working as a Facility Coordinator, and I loved it. I got this Facility through a year long transition. The day I confirmed it was complete, my boss flew up to my location and relieved me of my assignment. I've recieved nothing but the highest of praises. I did accidentally break the email chain a few times, but who doesn't? Particularly when policy changes every week.. Any way, now I'm on the job hunt. I landed one already, but I had to turn it down after they offered me half of the listing salary. I now have an interview on Saturday for a good position in a drink manufacturing facility. Also, I received an offer through email for a high position at a Crypto Currency firm. I'm ecstatic and very hopeful that one, if not both of these opportunities are obtainable. I'm excellent at interviews, and I always pull my weight. I've been going through this losing my job at "no fault of my own" maze for a decade now. I'm over it, and ready to get established. Please pray for me! Thanks everyone for reading my post.

Nelson Franco

Your Positive Attitude, Determination and Perseverance despite all your previous employment challenges is commendable Paul Roe . I'm sure this is the same way you approach and manage challenging work issues and issues that arise within the workplace on a day to day basis.

Please make sure you emphasize all your problem solving skills during your interview on Saturday. We'll be rooting for you... You Got This!