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Sears Holdings
3515 Maple Ave
Zanesville, OH

Are you hiring?

I have gone on the job case website and tried to fill out for a few jobs with sears holdings. It will not allow me to. Please help!
Melissa Petry


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Hello Melissa--

Unfortunately, I can guess why they're not allowing you to enter data - it looks like that location is on the list to be closed. See this article:

Is there a specific kind of job you're looking for? Perhaps the Jobcase community can help you find an alternative.

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Hello Jim,
I knew of the stores closing. I did not think any were closing in Heath Ohio. Why are the jobs still showing available? I looked on the list in the attched article and did NOT see sears in Heath Ohio. That is still on the job offer. Who is responsible for weeding out the fakes? Or scams? Or expired?
Melissa Petry

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Hi Melissa--

I was going by the link in your original post, which has the Zanesville OH location, but I do now see that Heath locations are listed under the jobs you can apply to. I do see the Heath OH location (in the Indian Mound Mall, right?), and that doesn't appear to be on the closing list. So that's some good news, at least.

I'm not sure the specifics of how Sears manages its job listings. Typically a company will sort out its own listings internally, get its own website working first, and then tell job sites like Jobcase about the new or removed lists when they're done. There's always a delay between what the office in Heath might ask for, and what the Sears job site (hosted wherever their main corporate office is), and then another delay in what they send out. Combine that with the closings, and I will guess there is a bit of chaos going on at Sears corporate at the moment.

The best way I can think of to bypass some of it would be to call up the store itself, at (740) 522-8600. They may be able to give you more insight if they are hiring, and how fast or slow the process might be right now.