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Melanie Osuch
Bullet point
Substitute Teacher at Kelly Educational Staffing

How do you give advice when someone doesn't want it. I have been asked by several friends on what to do and not do on a job interview. As I have had plenty, and none have actually profited, I know how to get through an interview. Just once I would like one to pan out. But anyway, I have gone through resumes with people, mock interviews about what they might say and not say, and how you should behave and dress. And maybe what type of job they want, and all I get is well that is not going to work, and I have tried, and it's not working. Or some other excuse. How do you tell them that you're done, and good luck. I had one friend who must have had a million excuses why she couldn't do something. I finally said, enough, enough of the poor pitiful me routine. I told her the amount of time she spends on social media, she should be looking for a job. She didn't like that very much.

about 6 years ago
Maricruz Smith
Bullet point
Substitute Teacher at Kingsville Independent School District

In an interview suggestion be yourself. Honesty is the best policy and be confident in who you are. Most companies seek individuals whom are honest and confident in who they are. Do not sell yourself short by trying to be someone your not. Do what you do and who you are the best way you can and forget about trying to answer all the right answers no one individual thinks the same.