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Muhammad Javid
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Im Electrician help me visa and work please any companies any States help me

over 3 years ago
Lenin Pina
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Welcome to Jobcase Muhammad Javid ,

Looking for a Career Opportunity in the USA?

Obtaining a US corporate work sponsorship is a complicated process that begins with understanding the different types of work VISA sponsorship options and identifying where your education, skills, and work experience make you the best fit for application. I’ll add the most common VISA work sponsorships below for your review:

H-1B Workers in a specialty occupation that requires at least a B.A., or else it's equivalent in on-the-job experience.

H-1C Registered nurses who will work in areas where health professionals are in short supply.

H-2A Temporary agricultural workers who will fill positions that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has recognized as facing a labor supply shortage.

H2B Workers of various kinds who will perform temporary jobs for which there is a shortage of available, qualified U.S. workers.

Your next goal is to identify employers who cannot find the employees they require within the existing US workforce. Use the ’Jobs & Companies’ link a the top of this page to search for companies that fit your VISA work sponsorship category (see list above) and try to get a sense of those companies need for human resources. Hint job postings that remain unfilled for an extended period of time is usually a good indicator that those companies are facing challenges trying to fill those position. Stay ahead of the US economic news and look out for specific industry indicators that signal a deficit or declining workforce availability.

Hiring non-US workers is a lengthy , complicated, and expensive process for US employers but many are still willing to explore these options. The initial legwork, however, is completely up to you!

Visit company career websites and look for networking opportunities on their social websites (Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc..). Once you identify potential employers that might be willing to hire foreign workers reach out to them directly . Use any names you might have as connections and try to have a name of a specific person at the employer to contact. Even if no job opening has been posted, there's no harm in sending a resume/CV and a letter introducing yourself, just in case. If a job has been posted, carefully follow their application guidelines.

In preparing your resume/CV, make sure you use a format and style that’s recognized among US employers. Easy to read and understand resume/CV will attract more employers and place you at the top of contention for a sponsorship opportunity.

Remember, it will be your responsibility to prove to the employer that your skills and talents are worth the sponsorship process they will have to go through to bring you to the United States to work for them. Try to remain hopeful, positive, but realistic throughout the whole process!

Reach out to me if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to look around for some solutions and/or options for you but in the meantime… Good Luck!

How to Attract Corporate Sponsorships