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Michael Carvalho
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Owner of Fabriclean Inc.

As the year 2022 comes to an end, it is important to find out how our community is feeling about the Jobcase App and Community?

By providing our feedback it will allow the Staff at Jobcase to use to better understand how we feel. I will start with answering my own question first.

As a member of the Jobcase Community, I love the interaction this platform offers when searching for a job, sharing #MyThoughts with the Community. Over the years as a member of the community, it allows me to help others by sharing and helping one another.

My Dislikes are the fact that it takes so long to flag a Post or Person who is trying to SCAM PEOPLE in the COMMUNITY. I feel Jobcase can do better to Stop the Spread of the Scam Threads. Keeping in mind we will never be able to completely stop the spread or intent of Scams. However, they are preventive measures that could be done in order to limit the damage it causes yo our members. I often see post from people who Post Fake Jobs and Dating. I report it and it takes days before that account is suspended. I believe Jobcase can do better in the future.

What are your Thoughts? #MyThoughts #questions #question

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3 months ago
Tara Carlson
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Virtual Assistant at Your Executive Apprentice

I can't say anything negative about JobCase!! The ease of the site is so great, easy to get to where you want to go. I have supply tons of resources & answers to people asking for help & I can look up cool facts to share with others as well. Not to mention the great support team we have!

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Ford Simpson
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Jack of all trades,.master of none

My messages were erased and I don't receive or send anymore. Frustrating but peaceful so leave it as it is. I don't use it.

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