Ready to go?

If you have you spent some time at a job and now you’re ready to move on, don't worry, you can take the skills you have gained with you and transfer them into a new desired role!

Here are some ways to get started:

Check the job description
If you’re not sure which skills you should include for a particular role check the job description and see what they are looking for! Here are a few examples of skills which you can transfer.

-Time management

Find more skills here.).

Show proof
Make sure once you add a skill to your resume that you show how you performed it at your job!
-Don’t just say: Great leadership skills.
-Prove it: Excellent leadership skills, demonstrated when I successfully managed a small team of individuals over the course of a three-day fundraising event.

Make a list of your job duties
Create a list of your current and past job duties. Focus on more than what is required of you in your current/previous job or what was/is in your actual job description. Think about what you were you responsible for on a daily basis! Which tasks and duties have you done daily and also which ones did you fulfill that were outside what you were hired for?

Record your accomplishments
Now it's time to list specific accomplishments. Did your boss recognize you at some point? Did you save a colleague time by helping he or she complete a project? Think of achievements that are both large and small. They ALL matter to your next employer!

Best of luck.

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