Union House

I work for a hotel that is a Union House, and I am told by my bosses that all the employees want is appreciation shown for the work that they do. It is my job as a supervisor to check the employees work in our department and the casino environment that we clean. I have been told not to help my employees with their work and to only delegate the work to the employees because it is a union house and I am classified as a Non Union Employee. My question is how do I solve the issue of trying to encourage employees to do a better job and not help them by constantly delegating their work to them when some of them are not doing their job and the department is nothing more than a catch 22 situation. You are damned if you help them and you are damned if you don't help them. In a case like this what does a employee do to help employees feel appreciated so that it motivates them to do a better job, than what they are currently doing. I find that in my line of work their aspects of the department I work in is hurting the companies bottom line performance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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