I stayed motivated at work by...

My Family,we are accomodated when our home got flooded due of typhoon Ondoy,My husband is still currently works there as Supervisor,So he ask permission if we can stay there for free,in return, The Boss, ask help for me to Supervised alone on a Canteen his planning to have for the Employees.
No second Thought i accept the offer.
i'll do The market,cooking ,cleaning,serving,budgetting and planning...Salary....i have no salary instead in whatever income comes...50/50 shares...for the company and me...and it lasts 5 yrs.coz the company needs to transfer in much bigger place,so we are not able to come with them anymore,and start to rent a house...
rhats why i do searching jobs related to my last job experience..
hope this may help for me to get hired at your good company.i stayed motivated for he extend help to our whole family...we lived there free,no rent,no electric bills nor water bills but most of, i enjoyed doing my job....Thank you!!

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