I was a dedicated hard worker whom received a platinum award for my hard work and due diligence. I was injured on the job at one point because I was working so fast trying to make good on the purple promise That I promised to make every fed ex experience a great experience.My work ethic was great because of whom I am .Most days covering for the lack of subpar co-workers, This I brought to management. Nothing ever changed and I guess could be construed as complaining.This however never interfered with my work ethic ever.I was left at one point with know transportation and had to quit for a time. But did it in a way as to where I could be rehired. For all my hard work and dedication to Fed Ex I was told I did not pass a background check when I've received no new criminal charges since my time away from Fed Ex. I tried really hard to work by example and to help my managers on duty in anyway that I could to help complete every shift. just curious as to why I'am not eligible for rehire is all.

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