WB Jr.
over 6 months ago

A new beginning

I started my new job this week. Everything seems to be going well and I’m really excited about the potential of this job opportunity. For the first couple of days there has been a ton of information that I have to learn quickly to get ready for my first face to face meeting. The job required me to travel about every other week from July-Oct. I’m okay with that however my dog may not be. He’s highly attached and gets separation anxiety when I board him at Petsmart. I will most likely be traveling on Tuesday and returning on Friday, I’m considering a service like Wag to walk him twice a day in an environment that he’s familiar with. The down side of that is for 3 day he’s going to be by himself for majority of the day. I’ve done something similar before and he did okay. If I do decide to go that route, I will have an automatic timer on the TV and keep an use night lights in his favor spots. I may also keep a low wattage light on so it’s not dark over night. A friend has also offer to check in on him later in the evening when he gets off. I haven’t decided yet which direction I’m going to take. I just want my lil 8 year old pooch to be comfortable. Btw, he also uses the balcony if I’m gone too long by use of a dog patio door insert.
Please let me know what direction you would take if you were in a similar situation.

Rachel Swansburg

Hi WB - It can be really tough to leave a pet home alone for days at a time, but I think you have a good plan to take care of your dog! If you're worried that he'll still be lonely, I would find an extra friend or two who would be willing to visit him for an hour every day to take him out, play with him, etc. You can even introduce these friends before you start traveling by simply going on a walk with your friend holding the leash instead of you. If your dog sees that you trust the friend, he might adjust better to their visits when you're gone. Best of luck! :)