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Back in February I felt a disturbance in the force, and dusted off my 5-yr old resume, updated it, and went shopping for a new job. Several interviews between Feb and April, but no offers (mostly because I cannot relocate, have been a successful telecommuter, and wanted to continue that instead of moving.) Anyhoo.... I didn't feel my resume was putting my best forward - Like many people, I can laud others all kinds, but fail to sell myself. I made the decision to drop a couple hundred on a resume re-write. Received the handy-dandy-updated document (peppered with auto correct nightmares, Mortgage Servicing is NOT Mortgage Serving - no big, i fixed those. Still, it was in a nice new format and achievements had numbers with them as I had never gotten that specific!)

I turned my new-and-improved resume loose - and......

Any interviews I have been invited to were from organic leads I found myself, or from manually completed profiles and added to a company's talent pool.

Not one single resume-based (you know, when you load your resume and it auto fills everything?) online submission (since I dropped $200 on a new resume) has resulted in a single interview.

Are these services better suited for less-experienced job seekers? (i.e., 5yrs or less in career?)
Do well evolved and more mature job seekers (20+ in career) have such a resume/history that rewriting it does little/no good?
What is the benefit of dropping a couple hundred on a new when my old one was considerably more effective?




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