Years of experience, a disadvantage?

I wanted to ask if anyone else has had this problem? When I was young and in high school, I was always taught that if you can build up your experience it'll pay out in the end no matter what. I'm really not seeing this at a matter of fact, I'm seeing my career go backwards and not forwards. I'm willing to take the truth even it if it hurts. I often look back and ask myself, where did I go wrong or where did I fall short? I showed up every day on time, did whatever it took to get the job done, met my deadlines with outstanding work and NEVER took advantage of anything there. I'm learning that just because you have years of experience, doesn't exactly mean you're qualified for the job, it means that you're over qualified? This is where I struggle to understand that my years of experience in this field of graphic design is basically obsolete or it really does count and it gets you into a huge disadvantage when competing for a position. Either way, if you have years of experience in certain specialized fields, it seems as if it can be your worst nightmare or enemy. I understand life isn't fair but I've worked way too hard to get where I'm at to find out that everything I've worked my tail end off for ISN'T gonna pay off in the end.

I'm running out of time...I don't have time to start over at minimum wage either. No way. Does this sound familiar?


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