Update: Homeless Pet Needs Help

A little over a month ago we were introduced to Steve and Alex. At the time they were living behind a convenience store. Steve was managing, but his dog Alex was not doing too well. I had posted their plight on Jobcase and with all the suggestions, advise and well wishes including valuable help on finding veterinary care for Alex, here is everything that has happened in the last month.

A wonderful veterinarian, who offered to provide all of her in house services for free, was able to bring Alex back to good health. Dr. Bethany was very kind, generous and thorough with the 6 visits it took to bring Alex back to good health.

I was able to help Steve get to his appointments with a local non-profit organization, Saint Vincent de Paul (previously refered to as SVP), who was able to provide him with much help consisting of everything from medical, and dental sevices to shelter, meals, clothing, treatment and counseling referal to name only some of all the great things that they do for the homeless and anyone who needs help and cannot afford it.

Yesterday I went to visit Steve and Alex whom I had not seen in about 2 1/2 weeks. They are living in a small studio apartment, attached to a home owned by an elderly couple. There is a big yard where Alex, who has gained four pounds is running and happily playing as a two year old dog should. He looks great!

Steve, whom I did not recognized until he grabbed me and gave me a big hug and called my name. I could not hold back tears as I, in disbelief saw a clean, shaved (what happened to all that facial hair?); well groomed, nicely dressed, handsome man standing before me.

Steve told me that this old couple offered the studio free of charge if he would agree to maintain the yard work. They would also pay the utilities. They love dogs, so Alex was a shoe in. Steve told me that the four of them got along great. He tells me that his parents abandoned him at a young age. This elderly couple, who doesn't have children of their own, treats him as a son, and he doesn't want to let them down. Steve let's me know that he has been sober for over two weeks and he is actively attending alchohol and substance treatment. He is also getting the counseling and continued support to slowly transition him back into society. He is determined to stay clean and wants to get a part time job sometimes in the near future.

I was able to stay and visit with Steve and even got to toss the ball with Alex a little, before the Phoenix heat drove us indoors. Before I left, Steve wanted me to be sure to tell everyone on Jobcase who were very kind to him and Alex ( I let him read all the Jobcase posts on my phone regarding him and Alex); how touched, blessed and thankful he is to everyone for all of their support, concern and love. He wants everyone to know that for the last 14 years of his life, it seemed that no one cares. Now he knows that that isn't so. He is renewed and determine to do something with the rest of his life, one day at a time...

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