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Hiring for Report Analyst in Boston, MA

Job Title: Reporting Analyst
Location: Boston MA

Must have skills - Airline Data experience – Pricing and ticketing

We’re looking to hire a motivated, detailed oriented data analyst. In this role, you will be supporting the BI team with data analysis and troubleshooting of our ETL process that transforms data from a Microsoft AX Dynamics environment into data used for Client reporting. Specific duties will require the applicant to have a background using MS SQL Server to retrieve and analyze data. The qualified candidate must have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of relevant experience with Travel Data. In this role you will be expected to become familiar with a complex BI platform and backend, and apply that knowledge to assist the AX to troubleshoot and solve data discrepancies.

● Be first point of contact for all AX related queries and issues, and communicate to team lead ongoing issues and statuses.
● Respond to internal support queries, such as data integrity and validation questions.
● Research and validate the source of data discrepancies.
● Liaise with the Microsoft AX Dynamics team and development team regularly to communicate issues with the source data.
● Support ETL solutions.
● Documenting processes and procedures.
● Analyze data and trends, and suggest performance improvement measures.

Required Experience:
● Experience working with travel data. Air data is a very big plus.
● Solid understanding of TSQL syntax and stored procedures.
● Knowledge of relational databases and query concepts.
● Understanding of ETL concepts and processes.
● Analysis and design skills, critical thinking, and analytical problem solving.
● Microsoft Business Intelligence tools, specifically SSIS is a plus.
● Microsoft AX Dynamics backend is a plus.

Thanks & Regards


Genevieve Legrand

Hello Sahithya,
Can you please share with the community the name of the company this position is with, and how Jobcasers can apply?

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A fellow Jobcaser

I just did a web search on their domain name. They're an IT company out of Georgia. If they don't give their link right away I suggest people do a google search on Vdartinc. They look legit.

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Hi Genevieve,

This position is with NIIT . This is a contract position and Duration will be – 6-12 months