Kim Barnett
over 6 months ago

I think a GREAT work culture is one that

The concept to provide foods that were free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, with no artificial colors, flavors, nitrates/nitrites, preservatives added was so new to me and most of the country, I was intrigued and sought to work at this “not your normal” grocery store. I had become a vegetarian and this was the place to be to shop for quality food, and I became a full time employee because I was impressed with the quality food concept. My “career” path within Whole Foods was rocky only because nepotism was prevalent and I had to prove I was a hard working, reliable, and loyal employee. Moved from Dallas to Austin to continue working at a huge pay cut, but I felt this was the best place to work at this time on my life.

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Matt Bornhorst

Hi Kim Barnett - I'm sorry to hear you had to take a payout to continue working there! It sounds as if you really enjoy working there, despite the nepotism that you experienced.

Whole Foods is definitely a great place to go for quality food, and I totally agree that you should be able to work in a place that is free of pesticides and herbicides and fertilizers and everything else. That stuff can be harmful to your health and you shouldn't want to expose yourself to that!

How is the job in Austin going?

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