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Bill Bua
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Project Scientist Ii at University Corporation For Atmospheric Research

Hi all --

I decided to retire last December from a job I had held for 21+ years. I've had 2 careers: the first as an accountant (with CPA license which has long since expired), and the second as a meteorologist/computer forecast model subject matter expert. Between the two, I attended grad school and got a PhD in meteorology.

I'm at a loss as to how to attack the problem of getting part time work. While there aren't many part time jobs to find in meteorology, that is where my best abilities lie at this point. The idea that I could get a part time gig as an accounting clerk, or even an accountant, has also crossed my mind, and would maybe be easier to do.

I'd love any suggestions or advice on how to proceed.

Thanks! Bill Bua


over 4 years ago
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