Making Changes ~~Oldest to the Youngest, and The Young Hearted!

Everything we under take to do in this life is to be seen as no more than a new adventure. A new journey to explore, a new path to set our goals and aspirations towards.

This is even for the young and foremost for the young at heart. Life is to be enjoyed not to be worried about or accepting anything as a sign of defeat. After all you don't know if you can if you never tried. All things are just lifes Contrast.

Which helps you decide which avenue you want to turn down next or what road to pave. Just look around the corner there is always going to be something you missed that can bring you more than what you formally had in one way or another.

When a door closes, a window will surely open. This is one of my favorite quotes: I am not waiting for others to push me out of the barrel, I am climbing out of it on my own!





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