Sexual Harrassment at work...

Hi everyone, I want talk about a situation that happened to me at work. I work as a banquet server at hotel. I was sexual harrassed by two male cooks. They said a sexual comment towards me which obviously made me feel uncomfortable. They cook is old man been there for 22 years. I went to GM who took situation serious along with the manager. He did not get fired or written up. I believe those situations are zero tolerence, but did not happen Since then I been uncomfortable but hiding it so I can continue to work. Today the old man said something agian behind my back when I left the kitchen after a conversation. I couldnt hear what he said, but It was sexual. What are your thoughts I like to know? I want to quit. Thanks.

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Lawrence White

I'm sorry you're going through this. Although your manager seemed to take the incident seriously when you met with them, it's clear that they aren't truly treating the incident with the seriousness it deserves if nothing has been done. I would reconnect with your manager and say the behavior is continuing. I would also ask your manager if they have a plan for dealing with this. If your manager doesn't have an answer for you or if they refuse to take action, I would start looking for another opportunity. I hope you can resolve this soon. Nobody should work in a place where they feel harassed or unsafe.

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