Everyone hates that awkward moment when you first are sitting in an interview. It is DEAD SILENT and as you become increasingly nervous you think, "Oh please let them say something!!" Why not be proactive and go first with these 5 interview openers!

The key is to FIND SOMETHING IN COMMON and when in doubt always bring it back to the interviewer and the company or ask a question.

-It's a pleasure to meet you. How was your weekend and/or week been so far? This demonstrates to the interviewer that you're confident, proactive, caring, and friendly. Avoid talking about cliche things like the weather. Mention something interesting that you did that weekend after they discuss theirs. Be sure to listen!

-I read a really great article this morning on my way in. Discuss it a little and if the interviewer seems interested continue, if not gracefully move on. Remember don’t monopolize the conversation, although it is technically YOUR job interview, this is more about them than you.

-Did you work on anything interesting today? Interviewers will love the chance to reflect and respond to what it is they’ve worked on or are currently working on. This will also provide further insight into what they are doing now in the company as well give the interviewer a chance to talk about their own accomplishments.

-Comment on something company-related As you wait for your interview to begin look and listen for clues around the office. Awards, conversations etc. Maybe they were talking about last week's chicken wing contest in the front lobby. You can bring it up in a casual way. For example you could say, "I heard some discussion about a chicken wing contest while I was waiting. It sounds like you have a really fun culture here, and I love chicken wings!"

-Find something in common Check out the interviewer's social accounts and discover some common interests. Perhaps he/she is really into bowling and you started your own league two years ago. Or perhaps they love dogs and you do too. Whatever the case, when they ask the inevitable "How are you" you can reply casually mentioning your common interest(s)t. For example: "I am doing great thanks, just had a bowling tournament last week and we took third place!"

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